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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mark in Mexico: Mexican National Anthem

Mark in Mexico: Mexican National Anthem

WOW. I suppose by now you've all heard that Mexican immigrants have translated our National Anthem into Spanish (as student of Latin American culture, especially regarding Mexico, I find this incredibly interesting). Well, I ran across a blog that translates the Mexican National Anthem into English. The writer also gives a quick Mexican history lesson, which is a little too close to the truth.

I love Mexico and wish the people no harm, but WAKE UP! I don't understand how the Mexican people can continue to allow themselves to be victimized by their own government. Anyway, just my little rant.

If you have any interest in the history being made as we speak, check it out!

"Remember the Alamo!"


PS - Just a quick shoutout to A Blog For All who points out this entry in his piece entitled "It's Fun Being An Illegal Alien." It in itself is a worthy read.


At 1:19 PM, Blogger dadvocate said...

We need to remind our Senators and Representatives who elected them and whose interest they are supposed to represent. I think we all should email or otherwise contact them on Monday, May 1.

Contact your Senators

Contact your Representative


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