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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Adventures on E-Bay

As a 24 year old just a year out of college, you would think that I would have discovered e-bay by now. NO. That would have been just a little too easy!

While I have occasionally browsed e-bay, today marks the first day that I ever put anything up for auction. It has been strange getting rid of things of past stages of my life... A couple of old cameras that traveled with me to Mexico, Ecuador, England, and Spain... Several different throw pillows (aftermath of an attempt to decorate my first apartment)... Bottomline - It has been strange!

Even more surreal is the fact that I am now looking for a new job... Or at least appearing to look for a new job while I quietly ponder several business ideas. I have always wanted to go into business for myself and now seems to be the perfect time. Quite honestly, I have absolutely no respect for corporate America. After obtaining a total of close to two years worth of work experience, I have yet to be inspired by anyone I have come across at any one of the three companies I have worked for since 2001. Quite simply, I have not been impressed.

All of this self-torture regarding trying to figure out exactly what I would like to do with the rest of my life has taken a toll. Add in a fiance who is experiencing the exact same thing, only on a deeper level, and you have sheer hell. Why don't adults tell you that adulthood is going to be this hard? You grow up following all of the rules and then, once you have done well in college and graduate with two bachelors degrees, it seems as though no one gives a damn. Quite honestly, it sometimes feels as though no one cares about our generation.

I suppose this is enough for tonight.



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