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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

RollingStone.com: How Madonna Got Her Groove Back : News

What can I say? I grew up with Madonna and was even born in Bay City, Michigan just like her. Hell, her grandmother was born in Standish, Michigan too... according to a biography I read several years ago...

Anyway, I have always identified with her ambition, her shear drive. While I can't sing and I am no dancer, I have always known that I WILL make it.

I WILL! Nothing is going to stop me from accomplishing all that I want to accomplish in my life... Not my family, not my fiance, not people who can't see my true value, NO ONE!

Reading this article this morning, I realized two things: Madonna didn't really make it until her mid-20s, I will make it too, despite everyting.

If she can make it in New York after leaving Michigan with only $30 in her pocket, I sure as hell can make it with what I have right now.

I also realized that I just need to believe in myself. Even my Dad admitted that I can do anything if I just put my mind to it, and that is coming from an extremely sexist man in his 50s who only thinks his son can handle taking over the family business.

Anyway, I really needed to be reminded of my own internal resources, my dreams. As I've heard so many times before, God doesn't make mistakes...

More later...


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