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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Music, Music, and More Music!

96 WHNN - Home

Simply the best oldies station in Mid-Michigan - PERIOD. I've been listening to WHNN for as long as I can remember. Thank Mom!

Now that they're on-line, you can listen anywhere, anytime! Very easy to use and it links to a national network of all types of stations.

(((88.9 the impact)))

The home of Michigan State University's award-winning student-run station. Always on the bleeding edge! If you want something even more gritty, check out the WFIX link (The Fix!)... I was even a fledgling DJ there a couple of years ago (last semester of my senior year). Tons and tons of fun!

KOOP - Radio de la Comunidad - Community Radio - Austin, TX

Ah, yes. The hub of my life back in Austin, Texas (long, long story). Anyway, another cutting edge station. My old friend Andy Dickens is still hosting ATX Live! I have Andy to thank for my months of fun in Austin (especially meeting Cheryl and getting me interested in radio). This station has done a lot of great work! Oh, how I wish Bay City had a great live music scene (it is getting better...)!

Find Music You'll Love - Pandora

One of the most innovative websites I've ever come across! Build the radio station to suite you!
Anything from the Beatles to Outkast to Toby Keith... Anything you want.

Well, that is my wrap of my favorite music/radio pics. What a trip down memory lane...

More later.



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