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Thursday, October 26, 2006

So Much Going On, So Little Time!

I realize that I have been gone for quite some time, but I keep stumbling across great websites (all for free) that just beg to be tried out. Sometimes, you hit on a jem. Brian sent me info. on this website called Associated Content, and it has been incredibly surprising. I've actually been PAID (yes, I said PAID) for content I've submitted (and you can bet your you know what that there is a long line of items written by yours truly waiting to be published too). As a result, I'm revamping my blogs and my writing system. All of my poetry will be published will be published via Pen N Paper (hat tip to Julie, who created it!), all of my general content/papers will be published on Associated Content, and everything else will stay on my private PC for now (although my LiveJournal will continue to serve as my journal (at least I have the option there to keep certain posts private).

Anyway, there is tons going on behind the scenes here in Bay City. I plan to address what is going on regarding the upcoming election, as well as my perspective, very soon. In addition, I'm hoping to update my LJ and blogs soon. I also have lots to add to my blog roll and del.icio.us accounts. Look for lots more to come.



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