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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Before We Head Too Far Left...

Pajamas Media: Freedom's Ring Hard to Hear in Nanny State America

This particular piece by Pam Meister at Pajamas Media neatly summarizes why I feel Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama in particular, would be detrimental in the position of President of the United States. At least with Hillary Clinton, one would know what to expect. In either case, the election of either would be a set back for people like myself who do not want a Nanny government.

I don't want to be told by the government what I should eat, what type of car I should drive, or how to raise my children (I hope to adopt someday). Ms. Meister accurately states that while most people would tell you that they feel that way too, there must be some support of such policies. What saddens me most is the impression I get that the current generation isn't being raised (at home or at school) to think for themselves. Many times I get the uneasy feeling that I'm part of the last generation that was taught critical thinking skills and the value of sticking up for what you believe in, whatever that may be. In some cases, it appears that kids are being taught the liberal-Democratic viewpoint only, which is tantamount to indoctrination. I hope that I'm wrong.

I'm incredibly sick of the entire entitlement attitude. It reminds me of the princess complex some women have (all too many women really).


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