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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Misuse of Political Power of the Worst Kind

Talk about about questions that are simply too taboo to ask! I, for one, am very glad that someone finally had the guts to do so on a national media platform. I have to admit that NewsBusters is becoming a new favorite of mine. As I stated many times before, I'm a media junkie. I'm quite peeved at the hijacking of the Main Stream Media by the Angry Left over my lifetime. I am old enough to remember when there was at least some semblance of fairness in the national media. Over the last fifteen years or so, if not longer, that has completely gone by the wayside. Now even Nickelodeon is trying to sway the next generation in order to create new little Democrats. You can read about it here. If you take a minute to search Nickelodeon on Michelle Malkin's site, she has plenty of ammunition. The whole thing is truly breathtaking. I remember when Nick had actual fun programming for kids - "Finders Keepers," "Hey Dude," and "Rugrats."

What is most disconcerting to me is the revision of history. It's going on in the media, it is taking place in the classrooms, etc. We are coming dangerously close to repeating it. That doesn't even take into account that certain people are now trying to make a sticky situation even worse simply for political gain. If I ever needed more proof that those on the Far Left don't care about the United States or anyone but themselves, the article below is ample evidence in my book. It is sad that we are even asking this question (although I've had my suspicions for a long time due to the fact that Michigan has been facing economic hardship for far longer than the rest of the country; more on that later).

Fox News: “Media ‘Talking Down’ the Economy to Get a Dem Elected?” | NewsBusters.org


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