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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contrary to Popular Belief; No, I Never Flashed Bob Schneider!

It is funny how you forget certain things, even regarding very important times in your life. After talking to my pal Cheryl last night (Cheryl is one of my best buds from Austin, Texas), she brought up a cruel joke that we played on our friend Andy (excuse me, Andrew).

Back in 2002, Cheryl, Andrew, and I attended the First Annual Austin City Limits Festival. A wonderful hot summer weekend under the Texas sun listening to great music with great friends. At one point, Cheryl lost her cell phone. As the three of us split up looking for it, somehow Andrew and Cheryl were convinced that they saw me near the stage, if not on it. Cheryl and I were then alone for a minute, and we decided that we were going to play a little trick on Andrew.

You see, Bob Schneider, a famous Austin musician who not only has a solo career, but fronts several great bands, was on stage. I had only recently become acquainted with Bob and his bands thanks to my roommate Karen. Bob's set at ACL Fest was one of the acts that I did not want to miss.

It was conceivable that Andrew and Cheryl thought that I had worked my way up to the stage. Cheryl's idea was this (and yes Cheryl, it was YOUR idea): Hey, let's tell Andy that you flashed Bob Schneider. So, we did. I have never in my life flashed anyone (except maybe my boyfriend Brian). Up until 2006 when Cheryl broke the news to Andrew, he was convinced that he had corrupted me all those years ago.

The sad thing is that I forgot all about this, and I am not even 30 yet! What am I going to remember about my days in Austin when I am 80? I am just glad that Cheryl reminded me, and that we were able to pull one over on a very smart guy for so long. I will never ever forget how much fun I had in those few short months of hanging out with Cheryl and Andrew. And yes, I still listen to Bob Schneider's solo work from time to time.


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