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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Is This Some Kind of Cruel Joke?

The fact that Jennifer Granholm would be mentioned for any kind of federal position would be cause for concern, but Commerce secretary?  Wow.  She would be asked to do on a national level what she has failed to do in Michigan:  create new opportunities for business as well as labor.  She has been asleep at the wheel for years, and she'll be rewarded?  I know that she had a very hard job in front of her, but can anyone please tell me what she has actually done for Michigan, other than cause us to bleed jobs at an unprecedented rate?  I bet there are many more Michiganders in Arizona, Texas, and California now than at any other time in our state's history.  There are no opportunities here for people under the age of 50 (unless you want to go into health care).

I apologize if I seem angry, but I am.  The economic depression of this state has profoundly affected me personally.  I hold Granholm at least partly responsible.  She certainly hasn't stepped up to the plate.  I have no idea how she was even reelected governor, much less became known at the national level.

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm mentioned for Commerce secretary


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