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Monday, March 06, 2006

Why Isn't The Media Talking About Finding WMD In Iraq?

Brian sent me a couple of links earlier today that reinforce what I've heard over the last few weeks. THERE IS EVIDENCE THAT SADDAM HUSSEIN HAD WMD IN IRAQ SHORTLY BEFORE THE START OF THE CURRENT WAR. In addition, there is evidence linking interests in Iraq to Al Queda.

Front Page Article

Media Monitor

Now this isn't the first time I've heard that there is new evidence regarding Saddam's WMD programs. It seems as though the evidence is now pouring in, but why haven't we heard this in the mainstream media? In my opinion, it is just the latest example of the liberal bias of the mainstream media in this country. Honestly, there are times I feel as though my views are SERIOUSLY repressed as a young conservative woman (Fox News aside, more on that later).

Stop and think about it: If our educational system is primarily controlled by the liberal left (and I can give you PLENTY of examples to support my statement after 5 years at Michigan State University) and our mainstream media outlets are controlled by the liberal left, how do those who don't agree with every tenet presented in those forums voice their opinions and make sure their message is heard?

For example, I remember having a heated political debate with two guys during my time at Michigan State. Their argument was that I should automatically be a Democrat simply due to the fact that I am a WOMAN. They didn't even stop to consider the fact that while I might not agree with abortion, I support a woman's right to chose. They never stopped to consider that I could identify with a political point of view, a political party, without necessarily agreeing with every aspect of their message. That, in itself, made my sad for the future of our country. It is as if young people can't think for themselves anymore.

There are times in which I wish I could support some liberal positions, but when I do so, all of my views are questioned by people I know who hold extreme liberal views. I am sick and tired of being looked down upon by the liberal left simply due to the fact that I hold primarily conservative views; I received this treatment a lot in academia.

I am tired of having others' views shoved down my throat and being told that I can't think for myself! I wish all of the partisan bickering on both sides would stop. I'd love people to get back to thinking for themselves.

As for Fox News, it is continually attacked by the left as having a conservative slant. Watching programming such as "Hannity and Colmes" and the "O'Reilly Factor," they ALWAYS present both sides of the story, which is more than I could ever say about ABC, NBC, and CBS. If I stop and think about it, the death of the big 3 network stations should give me hope. It simply means that people want the opportunity to make up their minds after viewing BOTH sides of the story.

More later...



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