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Monday, May 01, 2006

Environmental and Urban Economics: The Urban Tragedy of the Commons and Wi-Fi Networks

Environmental and Urban Economics: The Urban Tragedy of the Commons and Wi-Fi Networks

Well, this post has kinda an interesting story. I was surfing - as usual - and I came across an article discussing Austin's WiFi plans. For me, it is classic Austin... It is STILL a cutting edge city regarding art, music, and technology. In other words, it is VIBRANT. After reading some of the other articles on the trash site, I decided to search more in order to come up with a more polished description of what's going on.

In my opinion, all-over WiFi would be INCREDIBLE! Not sure if it could happen or is feasible, but I would definitely make use of it if it came to Bay City.

Speaking of the City by the Bay... I have a few bones to pick. It seems as though EVERYONE has give up on it! I love this city dearly, and envision a MidWest/Great Lakes version of Austin. In order for that to happen, the city should concentrate on not only ATTRACTING new businesses and creative projects, it should take a lesson from Midland, if not team up with the city. For those who aren't from Michigan, Midland, along with Bay City and Saginaw, make up the TriCities.

Let's do a recap. Bay City is closer to the water than the other two and is doing fairly well (although we NEED employment and a new direction!). Saginaw is going to hell in a handbasket. There has been a murder just about every week - which far outweighs any crime in Midland and Bay City. Essentially, the old city of Saginaw is dying quickly. In its place, a new city is emerging surrounding Saginaw Valley State University, which is closer to Bay City. Midland, by far, is doing the best. While Bay City bid for a minor baseball team a few years ago, Midland is going to get it next year. Midland is also benefiting from never having been truly reliant on the auto industry (unlike Saginaw, and to a lesser extent Bay City).

Sorry about the rant, it is just that Bay City could do SO much better... And should take note of what's going on down the road - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

More later.



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