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Sunday, August 13, 2006

WW III: Another 9/11 Prevented - 3

Another day, another post. It appears as though things in the Middle East are in a "wait and see" mode currently. Unfortunately, I don't think that will be the case for long.

As for me, Brian and I went to the Bay City air show today (I'll post lots and lots of great pics later) and I found out that my parents and siblings went to Canada earlier than expected.

Anyway, watching the F-16s fly over head was awe inspiring and pretty much sent chills down my spine. They were using MBS (Midland/Bay City/Saginaw) International Airport as a base due to the fact that the James Clements' Airport (where the air show was held) didn't have sufficient runway to accommodate the F-16s. The point is this: wouldn't you get goosebumps seeing F-16s at a small international airport if you didn't realize that an air show was being held nearby? I've traveled enough to know that sometimes it is best for your own piece of mind to ask questions!

As to what is going on in Michigan with regards to terrorism, things are heating up. So far, so good. When I first heard about the Mighty Mack (the Mackinaw Bridge) being a target, I really didn't believe it. Today brought confirmation. They've tightened the security at the bridge, and I'm left wondering about my family, which will travel the bridge on their way to Canada. I'm not worried about them being victims of a terrorist attack on the bridge or anything, but I'm worried about possible tightening of the Canadian/US border in Ste. Saint Marie. In essence, I'm worried about them having problems getting back to Michigan. My Dad, who was in Canada during 9/11 (my Dad might as well be a Canadian, but that is a whole other story), had an interesting time getting back to the US.

Anyway, I never thought I'd see the day that the Mackinaw Bridge - a true symbol of Michigan, Michigan Tourism, and "Up North" - would be a target. You can't imagine what it would do to Michigan's economy - and Michigan's self-image - if something happened to it. We're pretty proud of our bridge.

Well, enough of Michigan. I've been mining the 'net again and came up with some great links with regards to what is going on in the world.

Gay Patriot » World War III

I've stumbled across this blog before, and all I can say is, he is dead on in his analysis. Also, he has a wonderful writing style and attitude. In general, a wonderful outlook on the world. VERY highly recommended.

Zerr.org News - World War III

Wow. Read this guy's round up of possible scenarios for the outcome of this thing. Chilling. Simply chilling. Quite frankly, I agree with him as far as the option I'd choose is concerned. Give me #5. If you read the article, you'll understand. You'll also probably understand our reluctance in accepting this option.

Jihad Watch: Spencer: Iran's Day of Terror?

For anyone thinking that we can reason with the enemy, please read this post and tell me whether or not you think the President of Iran is sane. The possibility described here is what has me supporting swifter, harsher action against Islamofascism. Force is all they will respect. Let's just hope that the scenario painted here doesn't come to fruition.

Jihad Watch

Just a great resource for keeping up with what is going on in the Middle East. Plain and simple.

Also, another Hat Tip to DADvocate. His support a couple of days ago has really boosted my little blog! He has brought me insightful readers who are willing to have a polite discussion of current events. In reality, that is all I seek! I can't recommend his blog enough!

I might highlight and publicly respond to some of the feedback I've received today. It has been an eye-opener!

More later.



At 12:40 PM, Blogger dadvocate said...

I'm afraid what we have between Israel and Hezbullah right now was best described by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Halftime.

At 9:45 PM, Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

Let us hope then, that the United Nations can actually pull this peacekeeping mission off. If they can, I think it would be a huge win.

The only oxygen these groups have is anarchy and chaos and no monopoly of power at the hands of the governments from whose territory they operate.

I also hope the spectre of fighting the whole of the International Community, including the Muslim troops of Turkey, Malaysia and Lebanon, may cool Nasrallah's jets. I believe that whatever popularity he has on the 'Arab Street' for fighting the Israelis would dry up almost immediately when pictures of coffins draped in Malaysian and Turkish flags hit the airwaves.


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