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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Few Good Political Blogs....

I've struggled with just how political this blog should be ever since I started it nearly 3 years ago. I personally have strong political convictions; however, I don't want to make people feel uncomfortable simply because I may have different political views from them.

Then the protests in Berkeley happened. Quite frankly, I'm outraged and hope that all Federal Funding is cut off. How dare they attack those who are fighting for our freedom! It is one thing to disagree with the war, it is quite another to completely trash the US Marines - or any branch of the Armed Services.

I'm truly disgusted. Included below are some very interesting political blogs that I check regularly. Click here to sign a petition protesting the actions of the Berkeley city council. If you would like more information on the how the whole thing got started and contact information for the council members, you can find it on Michelle Malkin's blog here.

I would have posted something when this first came about, but I didn't ever think that they'd take it this far. It is getting stranger and stranger by the day. I have to admit, I'm enjoying the counter protest. Check out the sign the young woman is holding! You can find it here. Let's just say that I agree with her sentiments completely. Here is the entire article by Michelle Malkin.

It is truly amazing how everyone is covering the events in Berkeley, yet all of the Presidential candidates are keeping quiet... Is it a sign of worse things to come? First it will be the UK (they're already well on their way), and then it will be us. It goes way beyond Democrat, Republican, and Independents (Hi Michy!) now; it is about survival and making sure that we as a nation are protected.

Included below are some great political blogs to check out!


Pajamas Media
Michelle Malkin
Little Green Footballs

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