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Saturday, March 29, 2008


The articles below are exactly what I meant by the dangers of revising history and using it for political advantage. People keep trying to pretend that anti-Semitism can only be found on the fringes of world society. The articles below refute that idea well. I've never really talked about it here, but during my semester in Spain in 2002, I was surprised to see the ferocious anti-Semitism there. It wasn't just fringe groups in Madrid or Barcelona either. From all of the advertising and from what I witnessed on a daily basis, it appeared alive and well in the smaller town of Caceres. It turned my stomach and the stomachs of the other Michigan State students as well. At the time (2002), it was far from anything you'd find on a college campus in the United States. It is sad to think that six years could see such deterioration. I'm not sure if most U.S. college students would care anymore.


Simply Jews: The labor of hate - part I
Simply Jews: The labor of hate - part II
Simply Jews: The labor of hate - part III

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