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Friday, March 14, 2008

My Big, Angry Rant

Today has not been a good day. Please just humor me while I get this off of my chest.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of worrying about my Grandmothers.
I'm tired of trying to prove my worth to potential employers.
I'm tired of the political mess that is currently the United States of America.
I'm tired of people feeling as though they are entitled to things.
I'm tired of people (especially one person in particular) comparing me to my little sister.
I'm tired of worrying about finances.
I'm tired of growing older.
I'm tired of working hard for absolutely nothing.
I'm tired of having nothing to show for my "career" at age 27.
I'm tired of struggling every day.
I'm tired of bad things of happening to great people and places (my neighbors and Michigan).
I'm tired of apathy.
I'm tired of worrying about what other people think.
I'm tired of feeling as though I have no monetary worth in Michigan's backwards economy.
I'm tired of having no energy.
I'm tired of always having to prove myself.
I'm tired of everyone wanting a piece of my future (i.e. money).
I'm tired of my country and my state being run by people who don't care and who do not have leadership skills.
I'm tired of people wondering when Brian and I will get married.
I'm tired.

Any questions?



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