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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mr. Sparticus....

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Here are the pictures of our mischievous, dare-devil of a kitty.

He was found at FMC Energy Systems in Houston, Texas during the last week of January 2005.
He was approximately 5 months old.

Originally, a co-worker was going to adopt him. Unfortunately, at the time she was living with roommates that would not tolerate cats. After asking around the office, no one would take him in. They were all "DOG" people.

While I am normally a dog person myself, I couldn't help but fall in love with this little guy. Although I must admit, he will be the only cat Brian and I ever have.

We named him Sparty after the Michigan State mascot. MSU is my alma mater and is somewhat of a tradition in my family. I have two older cousins who graduated from MSU and my younger sister Erica is still a student there.

Our next pets will be a Siberian Husky named Petty (after Kyle Petty) and a Golden Retriever named Junior (named after Dale Earnhardt Jr.). Did I ever mention that Brian has turned me into somewhat of a NASCAR fan? At first it seems out of character, but the more you learn about the sport and watch races, the more you admire the sheer guts of the drivers...

Much more later as always....



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