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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Little Further Explanation: A Personal Story

Atlas Shrugs: World War IV

In the article above, the people (or person) over at Atlas Shrugs have already given a label to all that is going on in the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, and Israel - along with the Palestinians) - nothing less than World War IV.

This particular article was included in a much longer post I wrote regarding the current sorry state of World affairs. Well, in that post, I stated that I would later explain the personal story that went along with the World War IV theory.

Well, here it goes:

On the evening of September 10th, 2001 (a Monday night), I was at my host parents' home in Quito, Ecuador. At that point, I had only been in Ecuador (studying at la Universidad de San Francisco del Quito) only a couple of weeks. On that particular Monday night, I was reading a book called Estado y Globalizacion (State and Globalization for those who don't speak Spanish) for an unorthodox management course taught by an energetic, enthusiastic Cuban professor.

In the book, they describe the theory of World War IV. As I described before, the Cold War is considered to be World War III. It goes on to state that World War IV would start as a direct result of a massive act of terrorism in the most advanced economy in the world - the "haves" (the whole theory is explained as allegory) - by a large terrorist organization - the "have-nots."

Shortly after that, I put down the book for the evening, only to awake to the horror of September 11th.

Read my September 11th experience here:

Sept. 11th Digital Archive


More later.



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