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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Things Are Becoming A Bit Clearer

The article below goes a long way in explaining what is currently taking place. Remember how I was a bit unsure of the whole reason behind the Free Mark Steyn! website? There is a quick explanation in the article.

This article goes a long way to explain why the Left is so eager to destroy America (hint: our enemies are using the very rhetoric of the Left against us, multiculturalism), how our enemies (Islamic extremists) are fast gaining ground in Europe (especially the UK), and why it is so imperative that we fight for freedom. This also explains why U.S. politics is in its current state, as well as why the Fitna movie is so important. Incidentally, both Michelle Malkin and Free Mark Steyn! have good information on the Fitna movie.

Wolf Howling: Another Islamic / UN Obscenity


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