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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


This particular post really struck home with me. There are a couple of issues in my life that require my forgiveness. In essence, I need to forgive to move on. This particular post reminded me that it is time.

Reading the post, I couldn't help but think of my Grandma. She lost a son, my Uncle Eddie (who I never knew), in a tragic accident weeks before his 16th birthday. Approximately six years later, she lost her husband, my Grandpa Russell (I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him either), to colon cancer. She could have spent the rest of her life wallowed in grief. Instead, she made peace with the situation, married again, threw herself into her work, and is still living a productive life. She taught me that God doesn't give us more than we can handle. As she ages, my Grandma has slowed down considerably (she is 83), but it makes the time I spend with her that much more precious. A few months ago, during one of our many lunches, she talked about Eddie and how working (she was a sales woman selling women's clothes for decades) helped her through that tragedy.

You may be asking what that story has to do with forgiveness. Sometimes things just happen that we have no control over. There is no one to blame and then forgive. When there is no one to blame or forgive, we tend to blame God (I know this from personal experience). It is then that we need to come to peace with God and forgive ourselves for placing blame with Him. It is then that we can move on. It won't take away the hurt, but that hurt no longer becomes the focus of our daily existence.

As I said earlier, it is time for me to move on myself. I need to forgive.

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At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Aurora said...

Nice story, Lindsey and a moral that we need to keep in mind. I truly believe you will never be all that you can be in life as long as you're holding a grudge against anybody.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger russelllindsey said...

I agree fully. I have to learn how to forgive myself. I really do.



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