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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Living Life to the Fullest

I came across this article as I read the newspaper this evening. If my Mom happened to read it, I'm sure that she'd be calling me up to tell me that I need to read it. A lot of her advice can be found in the article (and my Dad's too; he's always known how to get what he wanted out of life). Anyway, it is a great read for anyone. I just need to take some of its lessons to heart, specifically asking for what you want. It is becoming clearer and clearer what I truly want. I need to get up the strength to simply ask. There are even a couple of different people and institutions I can ask. I really need to come up with a concise plan.

My Last Lecture | PARADE Magazine


UPDATE: After a little research, I found an interview with Professor Randy Pausch. You can read it here. This may make me a geek, but I love Reader's Digest due to interviews like this. Professor Paush's story makes me think of my Grandpa Russell's story. He died at 46 (colon cancer), leaving two kids. I never knew him. It also made me better understand what my Aunt and Uncle recently went through. After Christmas, their family went on a vacation to Florida. My Uncle, who is a professor (late 40s), had a seizure in a pool and almost died. They have three kids. He is very lucky to be here, and recently, my Aunt and Uncle went on a vacation alone. I can't imagine facing mortality at that age, knowing what I had to lose.

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