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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Faith in His Deliverance

The look of this blog is simply amazing! Oh yeah, and the writing isn't bad either. I especially like her discussion of people's tendency to out do each other with regards to education. As a student at MSU who took her studies seriously and was a member of the Honors College, I saw this attitude all of the time. Quite honestly, it stinks and is a big reason I'm debating whether or not I want to further my education.

More and more, I want to do something different - things that people wouldn't expect from me. Right now, I really want to concentrate on creating a wonderful life with Brian. Oh yeah, and get my career back on track. Well, I feel as though both items are going forward. I'm still hoping to get a position with Case. This next week I'm really going to work hard to dig up new, similar leads. It is complete and utter bull**** that I can't find something challenging in Bay City with my work history and education.

I suppose that is about it. I'm working hard on cleaning up our yard for Spring, creating my website, and getting E-Bay to a point where it is an organized, well-oiled machine.

More later...


Faith in His Deliverance


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