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Saturday, May 20, 2006

The hunt for Hoffa in Michigan!

The hunt for Hoffa heats up

I know this is silly (who really thinks that his remains will turn up at this farm after all this time), but it really is FUN to speculate - especially since I live in Michigan, where Hoffa was last seen.

Here are my theories:

1. He either fled or was taken against his will to Latin America, where he had cosmetic surgery (possibly having surgery in Cuba, and then moving elsewhere).

2. He was killed in 1976 (and possibly dismembered in a very grotesque manner) and summarily dumped in the Great Lakes. He has long been fish food.

Just a few musings as a result of a conversation with my future Mother-in-Law - who really has a morbid curiosity about all things (she knows most of the funeral directors in town - ICK! and double ICK!). I guess she is fascinated by death (she is a huge CSI fan!).

I normally wouldn't speculate about such things, but he truly had mob ties.

More later.



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