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Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little More Introspection...

Over the last few days, I've read some great materials regarding politics, the War on Terror (or as it is now being called, The Long War), Jihad, the increasing Muslim threat in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, racism, and much more. It is deeply disconcerting to me that we in the United States don't pay more attention to what it is really going on in the wider world. We may be at War, but one would never know it. We are supposedly the great bastion of democracy in the world (and have been since World War II), yet now we have a large portion of our population actively working to hinder our efforts to defend our very existence.

Long-time readers will know how I've struggled with the direction of this blog. I don't want it to become overly political. There is a need for more art, literature, and music in the world right now. I enjoy all three immensely, and I enjoy sharing things I love with other readers. At the same time, I can't stand back, observe, and not share what I find concerning the most important political questions of our time.

In my opinion, we are rapidly sacrificing our Freedom of Speech on the alter of extreme Political Correctness. If you think that I'm being paranoid, you need to familiarize yourself with the plight of Lionheart in the United Kingdom. You can read much more about his plight here. RADARSITE does a great job of explaining the situation (read it here). The Midnight Sun takes it a bit further. You can read Aurora's take on things here and here. It simply amazes me that such things could be going on the United Kingdom, Canada, etc., even if only half of what is written is true (especially regarding the United Kingdom).

I think that it is best that people educate themselves on what is going on. It isn't pretty, it won't be easy, but I do have hope. I still hope that the U.S. will wake up and actually fight. If we are to once again be the hope of Europe, not to mention protect ourselves at home, we have to quit worrying about "offending" the enemy.


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