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Monday, March 17, 2008

What Exactly Constitutes a Disability?

Curly over at Curly's Corner Shop, the Blog! has yet another piece that really grabbed my attention. Those readers who have checked out my Turner Syndrome Forum know my thoughts on the abortion debate. Curly's latest blog entry, which is here, addressed the topic of abortion due to diagnosed disabilities in the womb. I've heard that some pregnant women, upon receiving the diagnosis of Turner Syndrome for their daughters, are reminded that they have the option to abort. On a personal level, it sickens me.

One can only hope that the world is spared the horrors of routine abortion of fetuses with disabilities. Humanity went down a similar road once not too long ago, and we do not need to go there again. This is exactly why history, the arts and humanities, and ethics are so vitally important to education.


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