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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Living Under a Rock

There have been several mind-boggling articles written on the subject of women and feminism this past week. I've been meaning to write about them, but most have not even warranted comment. They are stuck in the 1960s. Sometimes I truly wonder what world some of these people live in. It is very different from mine.

The article below dissects one of the most appalling pieces. The author of the original piece, not the author of the article below, dared to compare the "plight" of Western women today to the true oppression faced by women in the Muslim world. It is truly disgusting. While we do nothing about the real oppression, so-called activists fight for largely imagined grievances. Yes, we have our issues here. That fact doesn't excuse us from fighting the real oppression in the Muslim world though. While we sit here in freedom, there are millions of women who live in fear of death, disfigurement, rape, etc. I will call myself a feminist when they start addressing the real issues.

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Are Privileged Western Women Being Crushed into Silence?


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