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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

No Wonder There Are Few Openly Conservative Professors In Academia

I can't believe the gull. I had to read it to believe it. At one time, I had aspirations to continue my education and become a professor. Now I ask myself if I'd ever fit in. I don't believe that I would. I'm not one to keep quiet when it comes to politics. Not at all. Why should I waste thousands upon thousands of dollars to be told that what I believe and what I believe in are completely wrong? I can't stand it when liberals act as though all conservatives are uneducated hicks. The same thing goes for people who happen to live in small towns; many liberals, like Obama, like to portray us as hicks who are out of touch with reality. Many academics (but not all) and elitists like Obama are the ones who have lost touch with reality. "Bitter" proves it.

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