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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Teen Hatred of the United States

This piece by Pam Meister really angered me. I will never understand how people could hate the United States, but rest assured that anti-Americanism is rampant on college campuses. I've personally experienced it on college campuses, but I won't go so far as to say that it is as bad in secondary schools as I didn't experience it at all (then again, 1999 was a very different time). Regardless, there is something deeply wrong in a society that encourages self-loathing. At least when Israel is used as an example, there is a case to be made that Israeli self-loathing stems from the international community. It may appear that self-loathing in the United States stems from the international community as well; however, I believe that answer to be too simplistic. We actively encourage self-loathing on a national level via the national media, the public school system (in many cases), and now, national politics. Ms. Meister does a good job trying to get to the bottom of the issues, and Dr. Helen follows up with her own comments. It is truly sad; this generation deserves better.

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Teens Who Hate America
Dr. Helen: How to turn the US into a Wonderland


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