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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Profile of a Writer - Bob Younce

There are many reasons why this installment of Profile of a Writer was delayed for two weeks. First and foremost, I just don't know exactly where to begin with Mr. Bob Younce. I stumbled across his work by happenstance some time ago, and I was surprised to learn that he is from Mid-Michigan too. He is a full-time writer who has worn many, many hats over the years (you can read all about it on his website The Writing Journey).

Bob Younce is what I'd like to call a Writer's Writer. He loves to write about the art of writing, especially online. Those wishing to make a living writing online need to wear many hats, and Bob explains the intricate nature of his profession well. In fact, I personally need to spend more time over at his flagship blog, The Writing Journey. If you have ever had the writing bug, Mr. Younce has some wonderful advice.

This small introduction is just the beginning. I will be interviewing Mr. Younce soon, and I will be sharing it with you over the next couple of weeks.

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