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Saturday, August 19, 2006

WW III: Another 9/11 Prevented - 4


Well, this time the latest news on what's going on in the Middle East can be summed up with one blog. Freedom Fighter does it again. Take some time to really explore his blog. He truly rounds up the latest news from around the world with regards to the fight against Global Jihad (Islamofascism).

It is definitely worth your time and a link. Look no further for the latest news.

As I began planning this post, I wondered if I should include the subtitle "Another 9/11 Prevented" for this particular piece, however, I decided to include it for this post.

Watching the news this morning, one of the talking heads mentioned how he personally witnessed at least for women ahead of him get on board with bottles of water. It appears that they didn't want to be inconvenienced with the new security measures. They disposed of the bottles of water only after several people brought it to the attention of the flight attendants (supposedly, the women walked on board with the bottles of water, right past flight attendants). Anyway, it struck me that this was the reason for all of the flight delays and scares lately. People simply haven't taken the whole situation seriously yet. They simply view it by how it will inconvenience them.

Wake up people! If this continues, I predict that we won't be so lucky for long. As President Bush said, we need to be right 100% of the time, the terrorists only need to be right once.

Also, I've been meaning to give an update regarding the plot to blow up the Mackinaw Bridge. I haven't done so due to conflicting reports of the whole cell phone incident in Caro, Michigan. I do know this, however: the Tuscola County (county in which Caro is located) prosecuter's office dropped charges on the three terror suspects due to the fact that federal charges have now been leveled against the three. They are now being held (last I knew) in the federal holding cell in the Bay City post office.

Believe me, I think of it every time I run to the post office to drop off all of my e-bay items. How it came to be that there is a federal holding cell in the Bay City post office, I'll never know.

More later.



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