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Saturday, February 16, 2008

LEGO Childhood Nostalgia

This article brought on a wave of childhood nostalgia for LEGOS. For those who don't know me that well, from the ages of approximately eight to twelve (I'm now 27), I loved playing with LEGOS. In fact, I built quite the LEGO city in my parent's basement. I had a hotel, a train system, a fire house, an airport, the Space Shuttle on a launch pad, a cafe, and more. I put a lot of time and effort as a child building it (and I didn't exclusively go by the books) only to have my baby brother, who was only two at the time, decide it would be fun to act as King Kong. Well, after he destroyed my creations, I packed the LEGOS away for good.

Even though I packed them away long ago, LEGOS had an impact on me. After building that city, I looked at everything as an opportunity to create. I put my efforts into school and my grades due to the fact, at least in part, that I saw an opportunity to eventually create a portfolio of skills, experiences, and interests. Until recently, it served me very, very well. It took me around the globe, to the heart of the world of academia, to Texas twice, and to the corporate world. Recently, I've found that same creative spirit in writing. Before you think that that is an obvious statement, let me explain. I've loved to write longer than I ever played with LEGOS. However, like a lot of amateur writers, it was just for me. You see, my LEGO creations and academic achievements were always on display for everyone to see. I didn't care what people thought. Until recently, it was a different story with my writing. It was private, just for my personal pleasure, and I didn't want to have to explain it. Now, I'm finally much more open with my writing and I'm looking forward to putting that creativity to good use once again.

You can count on one thing: If I ever have children, they will have lots and lots of LEGOS - and Mom and Dad just might have to play too. Did you love LEGOS as a child too? I'd love to hear your stories! It is hard to believe that they've been around for 50 years.


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