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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Main Stream Media At It Again...

Below are a few pieces discussing a well-worn topic at my house - the increasingly left-wing Main Stream Media. Some have gone so far as to say that there are almost NO conservatives in the Main Stream Media.

What really gets me is that the Left loves to cite Fox News as completely Right Wing. Not so fast. They actually take the time to discuss BOTH sides of an issue. It is a seemingly novel idea to those in the Main Stream Media. Comments over at Dr. Helen indicate that there are at least some people who think that the Main Stream Media simply can't comprehend the opposing viewpoint. I hate to say it, but as someone who grew up and loved academics, I have to think that they have a point. It appears to be the same in academia. That said, I knew at least a couple of professors who are CLOSETED conservatives. If they feel the need to be closeted, doesn't that tell you something? Something to think about.


Dr. Helen - The Lone Libertarian
The Press Bias Brawl - 1 - SLATE
The Press Bias Brawl - 2 - SLATE
The Press Bias Brawl - 3 - SLATE

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At 9:27 PM, Blogger DADvocate said...

...the Left loves to cite Fox News as completely Right Wing.

The MSM is so far left that to them giving any voice to conservative views is completely Right Wing.

At 10:06 PM, Blogger russelllindsey said...

What is sad is that I grew up literally watching it get worse. I've been a news hound literally since I can remember (my pediatrician suggested that my parents not let me watch so much news due to the fact that I was having nightmares at 3).

It gets worse and worse every year. At this point, they don't even understand the other point of view. It is truly sad and scary. That is the point of the Dr. Helen article and comments.

There was a commentary on a recent study of media bias that I really liked. I just couldn't find it.



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