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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is This Finally Behind Us?


I just came across a very insightful post on this very subject. If you are a Beatles fan, it is quite funny.


Neo-Neocon Article

Long time blog readers know how much I love the Beatles, especially the work of Paul McCartney (with the Beatles, with Wings, and solo). I've been following his highly publicized divorce from Heather Mills in passing.

What really gets me with the whole thing is that it appears as though she has no respect for him at all - not at as a man, not as a Beatle, not as the living legend he is. As I stated, she comes across as not even having basic human respect for him. That can't be healthy for her or their daughter.

When they first became a public "couple" there were a lot of hardcore Beatles fans who hated her with a vengeance. I wasn't among them; I wanted their marriage to succeed. I really could care less about celebrities or celebrity culture; Paul McCartney is that exception for me. I've read so much about his marriage to Linda that I really felt as though they had a great relationship. It was terribly sad when she passed away. When he supposedly found love again with Heather, it was natural for me to hope for the best.

Anyway, Heather can't go away fast enough for my taste. She reminds me of a certain person in my extended family, and quite frankly, there appears to be no character there at all. Curly has a very funny post. I don't know what was going on with the comments, but it ended up making me look like a fool. I didn't have an opportunity to delete some of them. There was some kind of error going on. The graphic is priceless.


Heather Mills McCartney

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At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a gold digger that girl is! I'm glad the judge made his comments widely known publicly, shame my graphic wasn't available to the BBC though!


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