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Monday, March 17, 2008

Profile of a Writer - Jeff Bevelheimer (aka The Bird)

Today it is my pleasure to present Mr. Jeff Bevelheimer (aka The Bird). He is another author prominent on the Accentuate Writer's Forum. You will note that he has several blogs, a growing collection of articles on Associated Content, and a well-written article on American Chronicle.

While he is just getting started, he has proven himself a quick learner, a good friend in Michy's growing writing community, and funny. His insight on daily life, his humor, and his humanity shine through in his writing. Personally, I'm expecting big things!

All of his writings come highly recommended. Unlike many authors, he is very approachable. It is very easy to conjure up a conversation with him. If you are an aspiring writer looking for pure motivation, look no further.

Associated Content - Jeff Bevelheimer (aka The Bird)

Jeff Bevelheimer Home Blog
The Bookshelf Review
Pictures from E-mails
American Chronicle - Jeff Bevelheimer

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