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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Conservative Women, It Is Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

I was pleasantly surprised to come across this attempt to understand why women are overwhelmingly liberal when compared to men. It does a good job trying to frame the issues at the heart of this discrepancy. In my experience, this is almost a non-issue. I know plenty of conservative women, but most are not what you'd expect. Due to how I was raised (I'm the daughter of a public school teacher and a small business owner), I actually know quite a few conservative women (even a couple of female conservative teachers, a true rarity). That said, they are not what one would expect. None were stay-at-home Moms (not that there is anything wrong with stay-at-home Moms) or particularly religious (although most religious women I know are conservatives or at least social conservatives). They are simply professional women who see the fallacy of the liberal talking points. They refuse to fall into the trap of victim-hood. I, for one, hold these women up as role models.

What really aggravates me is the attitude that if you're a woman, you must be a Democrat. I've had that "logic" used on me before, and I can't help but feel sorry for the people who refuse to think for themselves. In their world, if you are anything other than a white male, you must be a Democrat by default. Actually, that type of thinking truly insults my intelligence. I may not have much, but I do have a brain. I'm not afraid to use it, and I'm not afraid to stick to my convictions. I have no issues with people who truly believe in the liberal ideology; in fact, I'd love to have an honest debate of the issues with them. It is people that blindly follow the liberal ideology with whom I have issues, major issues. We would all be so much better off if everyone, or at least most people, would actually take a minute and think about the consequences of their actions. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are, most people (allowing for true disability and handicaps) are capable of at least that much.

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