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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Excuse Me? I Don't Think So!

This story makes me sick (hat tip Mark Steyn; you can read his original entry here). It is hard for me to believe, but at one time, I actually used to be a Madonna fan. I don't know why she has the desire to try and remake classics (her version of Don McLean's "American Pie" comes to mind), but she appears to be determined to make us all suffer. The sad thing is that she does have some talent. Why does she always have to remind us that she can't act to save her life ("Evita" and "A League of Their Own" are exceptions due to the similarities between the personalities she portrayed and her own)?

It infuriates me as a fan of "Casablanca" that anyone would even try to remake it, much less set it in Iraq. Then again, why should we expect anything less from Madonna? At this point, I really wish that she'd go off into the sunset.

What is really sad is that she was born in Bay City, Michigan, even though she grow up in southern Michigan, and yet, Bay City claims her. Unfortunately, Madonna is the only claim to fame that Bay City has. I suppose there is some justification as she was born here and her Grandmother lived in Bay City for years (Madonna still visits Bay City from time to time).

Yet, Bay City wants it both ways. The town disowned her, in a way, for certain comments she made when she first became a star. Yet, we in Bay City are so eager to claim our small piece of fame that there have been editorials in the Bay City Times (and what a rag it is) calling for us to rally around her and welcome her with open arms. I suppose desperate times call for desperate measures.


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