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Thursday, April 03, 2008

From My Personal Experience, Rachel Lucas Is Correct - Conservatives ARE Nicer Than Liberals

The piece below wasn't much of a revelation for me. I've been an observer of human nature for quite some time, and in general, most of the conservatives I've know are nicer than most liberals I know. This statement was particularly true in college. Anyway, Rachel Lucas yet again makes some very good points in her latest entry.

I really wish it wasn't so though. I'd love to have a fair, honest debate on the actual issues. That doesn't even seem possible anymore due to the Politically Correct nature of politics these days. I truly wish that we could get beyond all of the labels, but it just isn't happening folks. Then again, I should be a Democrat, right? Just for once, I'd like to be debated on what I actually say, not the Republican National Committee's talking points. Since when does identifying with a political party mean that you have to agree with everything position that party has taken? I'd love to know.

Rachel Lucas » Blog Archive » Conservatives are nicer than liberals.


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