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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beyond Anger

I can't tell you how angry this particular piece made me. If I had been subjected to something like this at Michigan State, I hope that I would have had enough sense to see it for what it is. I really need to write another post on my experience with Multiculturalism. What is it going to take get a true educational system in this country?

When I talk to my Mom, a kindergarten teacher who is also conservative, it amazes me how much things have changed over the last 20 years or so (I entered kindergarten in 1986). My Mom talks about how they are going to all-day, everyday kindergarten, how they have very little recess time, and how many of the fun school-wide activities are now gone. It really makes me sad as kids can no longer be kids. When I was in upper elementary school (grades four through six) at Standish Elementary School (where my Mom still works), we had great March is Reading Month activities such as Friday Night Live where older elementary kids could come to the school gym during set evening hours with sleeping bags, books, etc. and read, spend time with friends, etc. I distinctly remember going with my cousin who is ten months older than me and who lived right around the corner from the school. They had all kinds of reading-related activities for the kids, snacks, and more. No more time for education related fun anymore.

If my Mom didn't love teaching little kids so much, I think that she would retire when she can in a couple of years. I can't imagine her not being a teacher, but I also understand her frustration. There is so much more expected of kindergarten students these days, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, when those new standards are mixed with a few kids in a class of 25 that are simply not ready for kindergarten, it becomes a huge juggling act. Better my Mom than me.

Anyway, I'm glad that I'm done dealing with the education system myself (at least until I have kids). I've long wanted to obtain a Masters (I have two Bachelors already) and a PhD so I could teach at the college level. Considering the state of things right now, I don't feel welcomed at all. Why should I spend tens of thousands of dollars someday only to be told that my beliefs are wrong? I've already done that. I used to wonder why my Mom was so hesitant to obtain the equivalent of her Masters (which she did), now I know. I admire her and my sister (a 3rd grade teacher) for putting up with the disgrace that is teacher education.

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