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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grow Up! Men Are Not The Enemy

I absolutely can't stand it when women find it necessary to put down all men. I've been reading a lot of Rachel Lucas and Dr. Helen lately, and both are among the first to highlight feminist screeds. Well, there is a piece that was published that really is hard to believe if you don't read it for yourself. Can you imagine chastising your spouse in public? Now can you imagine what would happen if a husband chastised his wife in public? The sheer gull of this woman (and I use that term loosely as I don't want to be associated at all with the likes of her; I just don't) is mind-bending. I planned to comment extensively on the topic, but The Anchoress does a wonderful job of commenting on the original article, and she dissects the reactions of Rachel and Dr. Helen. I'm quite surprised that DADvocate hasn't weighed in on the subject yet, but I'm sure that he will (I'm counting on it!).

I've been meaning to write a post honoring some of the men in my life, past and present. Now I'm even more determined to do so. I truly sympathize with men in our society. I'm just glad that there are many others, male and female, that think the way I do about this particular subject. It is always nice not to be alone.


My husband is a gem, a jewel! | The Anchoress

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