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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoughts on Iran

As you know, I've come across a few blog posts that suggest that a war with Iran is clearly on the horizon, whether it is started by Israel or the United States. You can read my original posts on the subject here.

This particular post isn't to highlight evidence of a coming war or dispute claims made by other blogs. It is simply to speculate on what would happen if the rumors of war turn out to be true. Whether there is a war with Iran now or later, it will undoubtedly have many consequences here in the United States. In my opinion, they will be much greater than any felt during any other war in my lifetime (the first Iraq War, the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Personally, I believe that War with Iran will be necessary one way or another. I don't know how we as a nation can let Iran develop nuclear weapons. Personally, I see this time period as analogous to the 1930s. If concerted steps had been taken at that time, there is a good chance that the lives of millions taken by Nazi Germany would have been saved. Unfortunately, I don't know if we have the political will now, just as we didn't back then.

For example, the other day I had an interesting conversation with an old college friend of mine. He and I studied the exact same things during our college careers, spent much time studying abroad (I spent more time with him outside the country rather than in, even though we are both Michiganders by birth), and more. You'd think that we'd have similar thoughts on politics; hardly. He is quite Liberal, although he is much more rational than many hardcore Liberals I know, while I am quite Conservative.

The nice thing about our friendship is the fact that we can have rational conversations regarding politics without resorting to name-calling, getting angry, or worse. Unfortunately, such conversations are becoming more rare as both sides are moving further apart. After having an interesting discussion regarding Iran, which I will get to in a minute, we both agreed that we valued the friendship simply due to the fact that we actually agree to disagree. We actually listen to each other.

Regarding our conversation with Iran, he was surprised at what I had discovered regarding a possible strike. Then he exhibited Bush Derangement Syndrome. He stated "I don't mean to offend politically, but we need to get this dude out of there QUICK!" Unfortunately, he pretty much proves my point. If we as a nation are going to confront Iran before Iran has nuclear capabilities, there is precious little time to do it, as awful as that reality might be. Does anyone really think that a President Clinton, President Obama, or even President McCain would attack Iran? We have little time to take care of this growing threat.

Am I a war monger for believing this? No, I don't want my nation to be at war at all. I grew up during a time of relative peace (the first Iraq War really didn't affect people much at home), and I don't want to see anyone killed. That said, I see a real threat to our country. I personally believe that if we don't confront this threat now, on our terms, the cost will be that much greater when we are forced to deal with it in the future. I don't see how we have the choice to ignore it. Islamofascists have called for our destruction; just watch "Fitna." It is foolish to think that they don't really mean it just as it was foolish to not believe that Hitler meant what he said in Mein Kampf.

While I believe that war with Iran is necessary and inevitable, it truly frightens me. Will it truly turn into World War III? How many soldiers will die? Will there be new terrorist attacks in the U.S.? All of those questions are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Below are a few additional pieces that I believe lend credence to earlier conclusions stating that war with Iran is imminent. I'll leave it for all of you to put together the pieces.


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