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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sarah Horowitz

I recently learned about Sarah Horowitz as a result of a blog called The Other McCain by Stacy McCain (you can read what he wrote regarding Sarah Horowitz, Turner Syndrome, and abortion here). It is one of the most compelling pieces I've come across regarding a specialized topic I'm passionate about, Turner Syndrome and abortion. It was this particular article that led me to one of the most moving eulogies I've ever read (please click on the link below).

Coincidentally, I've read some of David Horowitz's work over the last few months, but I was not aware that he lost his daughter Sarah recently (March) or that Sarah had Turner Syndrome. As you can gather from Stacy McCain's post, as well as David Horowitz's profoundly moving eulogy of his daughter, Sarah was a woman of uncommon strength and personal conviction, even if it put her at odds with her Father at times. The lessons outlined in both pieces are timeless and are needed now more than ever. I will be writing much more on Sarah Horowitz in the near future.

FrontPage Magazine - Remembering Sarah by David Horowitz

The Other McCain: 'The dignity of living'

Lindsey Russell

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