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Monday, April 28, 2008

Evita and Hillary

Before I make the connections, there are a few things that readers need to know. First off, I've loved the movie Evita ever since it came out in 1996. I was a young, impressionable teenager then who happened to be studying Spanish and Latin American culture. I'm also fascinated by history, especially the history of the World War II era. Add in the fact that I was a huge Madonna fan (even though I'm under no illusion that she can act), and one can understand why Evita is one of my favorite movies of all time. While I've never had the pleasure of seeing it on Broadway, I did see a production of Evita on the campus of Michigan State University while I was an undergraduate there. I treated myself, I ended up with a front row seat, and it became one of the most memorable experiences I've ever had at the theater.

Before I get into the politics, there are a couple of things that I'd like to say about the movie. Admittedly, it isn't for everyone. In order to truly enjoy it, it is necessary to love musicals and to know a little bit about the history of Argentina and Latin America. In addition, it helps if you know some Spanish as well. It also doesn't hurt to love the era of the 1940s, history, and politics either. For example, as a 15 year-old, I loved the movie so much that I wanted to share it with my Mom. If it wasn't for me filling her in on the history (no matter how skewed), the language, the culture, etc., she wouldn't have enjoyed it much.

That said, I realize that many fans of the Broadway production and many Argentinians were appalled that Madonna was going to portray Eva Peron on the big screen. I can understand why as Madonna can't act. What people failed to realize is that Madonna didn't have to act much in the movie; her life story is and was that similar to that of Eva Peron. As a result, it comes across as her best performance. The fact that she belted out "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" from the Casa Rosda is simply amazing.

Now it is time to discuss the politics. Encore Love has been playing Evita recently, much to my delight (I just finished watching it again). Once again, I found myself wondering why I'm so drawn to the story of a woman who embodied everything I find wrong with politics, Latin American politics in particular. Even though Peronists are portrayed as aligned with the Right, that couldn't be further from the truth. Quite simply, Eva and Juan Person were socialists first and foremost. There is no denying the connections with fascism in Germany and Italy. Juan Peron reportedly modeled himself after Mussolini, and it is well known that Nazis took refuge in Argentina after the war when Peronists were still every much still in power.

There are many bloggers out there much more adept at disclosing the relationships of national socialism of the 1940s (Argentina, Italy, Japan, and Germany) to current Leftist thought throughout the world today. I'm not going to point it out here, but it is fair to say that Hillary Clinton shares many of the same goals, aspirations, and dreams of the socialists on the Left.

Many people may not know this, but Eva Peron aspired to be Vice President under her husband's administration. There appears to be a political partnership within their relationship. It is no secret that the Clintons' political partnership is at least a factor in their marriage. That said, one can't help but wonder what Eva would have done if she had not died so young. I bet that she would have run for President (in fact, another of Juan Peron's wives became President of Argentina later on). There truly isn't anything new under the sun.

I wonder if Hillary will be singing the following song if she doesn't get the nomination:

Another Suitcase In Another Hall

I don't expect my love affairs to last for long
Never fool myself that my dreams will come true
Being used to trouble I anticipate it
But all the same I hate it, wouldn't you?

So what happens now?
Another suitcase in another hall
So what happens now?
Take your picture off another wall
Where am I going to?
You'll get by, you always have before
Where am I going to?

Time and time again I've said that I don't care
That I'm immune to gloom, that I'm hard through and through
But every time it matters all my words desert me
So anyone can hurt me, and they do

Call in three months time and I'll be fine, I know
Well maybe not that fine, but I'll survive anyhow
I won't recall the names and places of each sad occasion
But that's no consolation here and now.

Don't ask anymore.

The more I think about it, the more I truly feel sorry for Hillary if she doesn't get the nomination. Her whole life has been centered around this dream. Maybe she read one of the many biographies of Eva Peron before Evita was even written? I may be fascinated by the story of Eva Peron, but I detest her politics.


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Iran: Are the Pieces Being Put Into Place?

I've been meaning to post this update for quite some time, but it seems as though a day doesn't go by without new developments concerning Iran. You can read what I've written previously here. It appears that all of the necessary pieces are in place for action. It is getting to the point where I'd be surprised if something doesn't happen before the end of the summer.

I'm not afraid to say this, but I do believe that going into Iran will set off a chain of events that will quickly turn into World War. Until recently, I wouldn't have gone so far as to say that. However, developments regarding Syria, North Korea, and several countries in Africa are leading me to believe otherwise. Sadly, I believe that there might be more going on behind the scenes that the public doesn't know about (probably couldn't know). We are indeed living in frightening times.


Wolf Howling: Petraeus, Odierno, Iraq and Iran

Wolf Howling: A Step Closer To A First Strike Against Iran

Wolf Howling: Acts of War by Iran, Acts of Perfidy by the Left

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Head Of Israeli Air Force: "Israel's Air Force Is Ready For Any Threat, Especially A Nuclear Iran"

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Iran Moves Into Central Africa

FOXNews.com - Iran Says U.S. Attack Unlikely Due to Iraq, Afghanistan Problems

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strange Days

I've had a few personal things going that are, well, just strange. For example, I've been involved with an online Facebook game called Knighthood. It's been a lot of fun, but the woman who was my 'liege" in the game literally died a few days ago. I never met her, but I just spoke to her online not even a week ago. It is just, well, sad.

In addition, I went to lunch with my Grandma Reid today. She had a doctor's appointment. She is a very independent woman and has never asked that I go with her to such appointments before. Well, today she did. She wanted another set of ears there (I can understand it due to the fact that her hearing is shot and has been for decades). I just can't help but wonder "why now?"

There is also a personal situation with my other Grandma, Grandma Buttrick, that has come up within the last few days. It directly affects me, and I have some decisions to make. It isn't easy. It isn't pretty. I just wish I knew where to go from here.

Once again, I have this deep seated feeling that the world is turned on its head. We certainly live in strange times.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something to Think About

The gentleman who runs this blog commented on mine the other day. The article below raises some very good political questions. Read it before you vote.

The Panday's Gazette


A Look At Bill Cosby's Place in the African American Community

This analysis of Bill Cosby's activism, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, left me with more questions than answers. There is much that I agree with in the article; at the same time, I'm at complete odds with some aspects of Coates' point of view. First off, I just want to say that I believe that Cosby's message to the black community needs to be heard. I'd even go further to say that our country, all of us, need to take Cosby's message to heart. There does need to be more focus on education, responsibility, and productivity. Father's need to take a more active role in raising their children. That said, I believe that we as a society need to ensure that the rights of fathers are protected.

Within the article, Coates stops just short of praising Cosby's efforts, and in my opinion, that's unfortunate. I have yet to find fault with Cosby's message. Coates, on the other hand, doesn't seem all that concerned with anyone outside of the African American community. That's unfortunate. Until we get rid of labels, we are never going to truly come together. The article is extremely long, especially for Internet writing, but it is a good read.

This Is How We Lost to the White Man


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St. Stan's Church

Many readers know that Brian and I have been planning to get married for years now. Our plans include getting married at St. Stan's in Bay City, which is literally right around the corner from the house we are currently renting. The pictures are beautiful. St. Stan's Parish recently built a brand new Parish Center. There is now a wonderful full view of the church from 22nd street now that the old Parish Center is gone. The new Parish Center ties in much better with the church.

Picasa Web Albums - St. Stan's Parish - Church Pictures
Picasa Web Albums - St. Stan's Parish


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Weight Issues and High School... Sigh.

I spent a chunk of this evening watching a TV movie, which is extremely rare for me. Normally I watch certain reruns of old sitcoms with Brian, and that is about it. Well, this movie really struck a chord with me. You see, I was the "fat" girl in high school (elementary school and junior high too). The incredibly sad part of it is that I wasn't nearly as big as I am now (more on that later), and I doubt that I would have been that big in high school if I hadn't listened to my classmates when I was a small child. It is sad how if you hear something long enough about yourself, you tend to start to believe it, no matter how strong you are. Some may disagree with that statement, but I stand by it. How it is possible to hear someone say something about you day after day and not begin to believe it, especially when you are a small child (five to ten)?

Before I go any further, i want to provide a little bit of background. When I entered kindergarten in 1986, my biggest concerns were spending time with my Dad (I loved going to watch him play basketball and men's softball), learning (I loved being read to by my Mom, and by all accounts, I loved my two years of preschool), and playing with my little sister (who would have been two at the time). I don't remember ever thinking about my appearance or popularity. Quite frankly, I spent much more time with adults as a small child than I did with other kids. My family lived out in the country; my sister was my primary playmate and friend. Most of my interaction with other kids outside of school took place in very structured settings such as sporting events, summers spent with my parents and grandparents at the canoe livery (my parents' business), or family gatherings (I adored my older cousins). It is safe to say that I wasn't prepared to be compared to others on the basis of my physical characteristics.

I don't really remember if I was picked on about my height and weight during kindergarten, but I do remember being teased from first grade on. My teacher, Mrs. Balton, told me "good things come in small packages" (I clearly remember her telling me that as I was about to leave for Easter vacation, a trip to Walt Disney World). It is a very nice thing to say to a small first grader, but it isn't exactly ammunition against certain kids who insisted that my entire physical being was just wrong.

As I grew older, the issues grew. I was constantly being teased about my height and weight on a daily basis. I'm tempted to write some of what kids said to me here as I still remember them nearly twenty years later, but that would just give them legitimacy. Things became so ugly that I changed elementary schools. It wasn't the only factor in changing schools, but it was one. Of course, it didn't resolve the issue. In some ways, as the rest of the class approached puberty (remember, I have Turner Syndrome, so my "puberty" was carefully planned out by doctors without any input from me), things became worse. The height difference grew and I gained weight as I began to believe what those kids were telling me.

Well, as so often happens, I began to find my niche during the later half of high school. By then, I was content to focus on academics and bide my time until college (and yes Mr. M, it was well worth the wait). My weight stabilized and I even began to exercise regularly for lengths of time thanks to a very understanding gym teacher (he was a great guy, and it is too bad that there aren't more like him). Again, I was biding my time. One of the few incidents of all out hatred towards me came one day as I was walking out of the women's locker room, heading to another class. For whatever reason, this girl (I don't even remember who she was) shoved me head long into a cement wall. My head was about an inch from hitting the cement wall. Well, karma is a b*tch. This occurred all outside the office of the female physical education teacher's office. Guess who happened to be right in her office? Well, the girl who shoved me from behind, unprovoked, ended up getting hauled off to the office.

As painful as some of those memories were, I truly felt as though I left it all behind when I went to college, and in many respects, I did. My senior year I lost quite a bit of weight and actually came within 15 to 20 lbs. of actually being my "ideal" weight. Well, due to career issues, moving, and financial issues, I gained it all back and then some over these last four years. I'm not talking about merely gaining an additional 20 lbs. on top of what I weighed back in high school. No. I'm talking about gaining 80 lbs. or more in those four years after college (for those who know me and haven't seen me in a while, it doesn't look as though I gained 80 lbs., but it is certainly noticeable).

I'm now much larger than I've ever been in my entire life. It is a lack of exercise and poor food choices. Intellectually, I know all of that. Emotionally, food is a comfort to me. It is sick, I know. I know that I need to do something about it, but right now, I find it difficult to care very much. You see, I'm in the midst of dealing with feelings of rejection all over again now that I'm out of college. I've been unemployed for over two years (I briefly worked for a cemetery last year), and it brings up the feelings of rejection all over again.

I keep wondering exactly what is wrong with me and why good job opportunities keep slipping through my fingers, but I keep placing that blame on myself. A lot of the career issues are related to the fact that I want to live in Mid-Michigan and the fact that my background in supply chain management and Spanish isn't in demand right now here. Professional manufacturing is losing so much ground here, it is truly tragic. Yet, I place all of the blame on myself. I'd love to move, but that would mean that I'd lose the wonderful relationship I have with my fiance, whose career here is going well. I know that my background is demand elsewhere, but I've already left Brian for a job once. I simply can't do it again. I want a life with him, here in Bay City. In fact, I'm close to achieving my childhood dream of settling here in Bay City. I just need a job.

Unfortunately, all of this - the job, the weight situation - has strained my relationships with my family somewhat. My Mom, my Dad, and my Grandma Reid (with whom I'm very close) are all extremely concerned about my weight. My parents didn't say much, at first, but other things have occurred recently that really hit home as to how they really feel. My Grandma Reid (again, remember that I love her dearly and that we're close) has brought it up nearly every time I've met with her since I returned from Texas during the summer of 2005. It got to the point where I had to tell her how it made me feel. She honestly thought that bringing it to my attention would help me.

This is where I get angry. Believe it or not, there may be people out there who actually think that discussing a weight issue will help the person who has it deal with it. As well meaning as my Grandma was, it deeply hurt me. I can certainly see the issue for myself, and the last thing I need is a reminder of it. I made the point with her, and she's been great about it since. That said, I don't think that people who have never struggled with their weight could ever understand the stigma that weight has in this society. It closes all kinds of doors, and it is still acceptable to discriminate on the basis of weight and height. That, in a nutshell, was the entire point of the movie. The movie made it very well. I wanted to share my experiences not to point out how cruel kids can be (that's be demonstrated time and time again), but to ensure people that everyone has their issues. There are several stories I could have included here regarding how I was treated by classmates. I didn't though. They were going through their own issues.

There is always someone who has it worse than you. Everyone has some mountain to climb. Our world would be a much better place if we all remembered that.

Queen Sized | myLifetime.com


PS - The picture included in my profile is my first grade school picture.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does This Really Surprise Anyone?

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Conservatives Have It Rough in Hollywood

It doesn't bother me so much that Hollywood is almost entirely Liberal; it bothers me more that Hollywood uses its vast influence to further political causes. It is the same in much of academia too (much, much more on that later this evening).

I wonder how many true Conservatives there are in Hollywood. Think about it. If your career was at stake, wouldn't you keep your political beliefs to yourself? Personally, that would be impossible for me.


Another Great Political Blog...

I just quickly wanted to highlight this blog I discovered this evening. There are already two pieces that I plan on highlighting very soon. You can expect to hear much more from Joshua Rocks.

Order Vs Disorder

Lindsey Russell

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Grow Up! Men Are Not The Enemy

I absolutely can't stand it when women find it necessary to put down all men. I've been reading a lot of Rachel Lucas and Dr. Helen lately, and both are among the first to highlight feminist screeds. Well, there is a piece that was published that really is hard to believe if you don't read it for yourself. Can you imagine chastising your spouse in public? Now can you imagine what would happen if a husband chastised his wife in public? The sheer gull of this woman (and I use that term loosely as I don't want to be associated at all with the likes of her; I just don't) is mind-bending. I planned to comment extensively on the topic, but The Anchoress does a wonderful job of commenting on the original article, and she dissects the reactions of Rachel and Dr. Helen. I'm quite surprised that DADvocate hasn't weighed in on the subject yet, but I'm sure that he will (I'm counting on it!).

I've been meaning to write a post honoring some of the men in my life, past and present. Now I'm even more determined to do so. I truly sympathize with men in our society. I'm just glad that there are many others, male and female, that think the way I do about this particular subject. It is always nice not to be alone.


My husband is a gem, a jewel! | The Anchoress

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Prophetic Words on Iran?

FrontPage Magazine - The Threat of Iran

An amazing interview with Benjamin Netanyahu. If you have any doubts as to what is occurring with regards to Iran, the interview above explains it better than I ever could. I wish things were as clear cut here in the U.S. According to Netanyahu, there is essentially consensus on not allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. We are far from recognizing the threat here. It is time to wake up. We are quickly approaching the point of no return.


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Nextbook Interview with Sarah Horowitz

Over the last few weeks, I've been fascinated by what I've learned about Sarah Horowitz. You can read what I've written here. While I just learned of her existence, and unfortunately, her death, I've already learned much from the example she set. She and I would have been at complete opposite sides of the political spectrum, as she was with her famous father, David Horowitz (much more on him later), but I can't help but think of how much we could have learned from each other. Fortunately, we all have her example to learn from now. It is just too sad that her life ended so soon.

Nextbook: Vision of Unity

Lindsey Russell

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Final Update on Michy

The title might be cryptic, but Michy is doing much, much better. She's been home for some time now. I can't tell you how happy I am for her! She has battled this infection for so long; it is amazing that it might actually be gone now. I'm looking forward to reading Michy's new work.

Please note that this will be the last medical update I do on Michy (unless, of course, she ends up in the hospital again). You can read previous posts here. If you want to keep up Michy, you can do so here. I recommend that you do. She is quite funny (just look at some of her older posts).

That's about it!


Myspace.com Blogs - Infection Free? - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

Myspace.com Blogs - Work? - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

Myspace.com Blogs - Life Outside - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

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Dear Mr. President...

RADARSITE: Dear Mr. President: a letter from the Homefront

This simply has to be read to be believed. It is quite simply nothing less than an outline of what needs to be done in order to bring this nation together to fight a truly global war (I refrain from using "War on Terror" here due to the fact that it isn't truly a war on terror; terror is just a weapon that our enemies have used against us). I just hope that more people understand what we are up against as a nation before it is too late. Many on the Angry Left portray the United States as the enemy. They fail to realize that our true enemies simply want nothing less that our total destruction, including the destruction of those on the Left. There is a definite need for self-preservation right now, as much as I hate to say it.


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On A Personal Note... The Profile of a Writer Series and Much More

Many readers may have noticed the change in tone of this blog over the last few weeks. There is no doubt that it has become more political and less about the art of writing. As a result, the Profile of a Writer feature has been put on hold for now.

While I do hope to highlight other authors soon, as well as conduct interviews with a few of my favorites, I'm not sure exactly when that will be. At this point, I'm truly concerned about the state of Michigan, as well as the country. As a result, I'm slowly finding my voice in the political sphere. In addition, I finding it easier and easier to write about Turner Syndrome and other gender issues. As much as I don't like to admit it, Turner Syndrome affects me in a profoundly personal way each and every day. It is a part of who I am as a woman. There is little out there with regards to writing for Turner Syndrome girls and women written by women and girls who have Turner Syndrome. There may be a lot of information on the clinical features, but there is little regarding what it is actually like to live with the disorder. As a result, I feel as though I'm fulfilling a need.

There are so many issues to discuss and so little time. Please know that even though you may disagree with my viewpoint, my perspectives on world events, politics, gender issues, Turner Syndrome, and more are shared with the utmost conviction. In other words, when I share my perspective with readers, it is almost always due to the fact that I have very definite thoughts and/or beliefs on the subject matter.

Now that I have all of that out of the way, I also want to state that I do want (and need) to have fun with this blog! There are good things happening in the world, and they need to be acknowledged.


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All Too True Cartoon

Cartoon courtesy of Red Planet Cartoons.

Unfortunately, this is the road multiculturalism, in its most biased form, is leading us down. We live in a world turned upside down.


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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Second Amendment Rights

Gun-related issues are once again in the forefront of American politics. Readers know how I stand on the issue, but I wanted to share a couple of interesting pieces (see below). While I normally find Ann Coulter too shrill for my tastes, I find her article in Human Events interesting and quite funny.

I've mentioned before that my sister's fiance is a cop and that I've known him for quite some time now. I can honestly say that I've learned more about gun ownership, gun laws, etc. from him than any other source. Dr. Helen's take on the issue fits in nicely with what Justin has told me. Personally, I hope that I don't ever need to know anything about guns. That said, I want guns in the hands of responsible gun owners, not the criminals (the crime situation in Australia is a good example of what can happen when guns are taken out of the hands of responsible gun owners).

Dr. Helen: Are Gun Owners Really Trigger Happy?

Obama Woos Gun-Toting God Nuts - HUMAN EVENTS



Sarah Horowitz

I recently learned about Sarah Horowitz as a result of a blog called The Other McCain by Stacy McCain (you can read what he wrote regarding Sarah Horowitz, Turner Syndrome, and abortion here). It is one of the most compelling pieces I've come across regarding a specialized topic I'm passionate about, Turner Syndrome and abortion. It was this particular article that led me to one of the most moving eulogies I've ever read (please click on the link below).

Coincidentally, I've read some of David Horowitz's work over the last few months, but I was not aware that he lost his daughter Sarah recently (March) or that Sarah had Turner Syndrome. As you can gather from Stacy McCain's post, as well as David Horowitz's profoundly moving eulogy of his daughter, Sarah was a woman of uncommon strength and personal conviction, even if it put her at odds with her Father at times. The lessons outlined in both pieces are timeless and are needed now more than ever. I will be writing much more on Sarah Horowitz in the near future.

FrontPage Magazine - Remembering Sarah by David Horowitz

The Other McCain: 'The dignity of living'

Lindsey Russell

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Thoughts on Iran

As you know, I've come across a few blog posts that suggest that a war with Iran is clearly on the horizon, whether it is started by Israel or the United States. You can read my original posts on the subject here.

This particular post isn't to highlight evidence of a coming war or dispute claims made by other blogs. It is simply to speculate on what would happen if the rumors of war turn out to be true. Whether there is a war with Iran now or later, it will undoubtedly have many consequences here in the United States. In my opinion, they will be much greater than any felt during any other war in my lifetime (the first Iraq War, the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

Personally, I believe that War with Iran will be necessary one way or another. I don't know how we as a nation can let Iran develop nuclear weapons. Personally, I see this time period as analogous to the 1930s. If concerted steps had been taken at that time, there is a good chance that the lives of millions taken by Nazi Germany would have been saved. Unfortunately, I don't know if we have the political will now, just as we didn't back then.

For example, the other day I had an interesting conversation with an old college friend of mine. He and I studied the exact same things during our college careers, spent much time studying abroad (I spent more time with him outside the country rather than in, even though we are both Michiganders by birth), and more. You'd think that we'd have similar thoughts on politics; hardly. He is quite Liberal, although he is much more rational than many hardcore Liberals I know, while I am quite Conservative.

The nice thing about our friendship is the fact that we can have rational conversations regarding politics without resorting to name-calling, getting angry, or worse. Unfortunately, such conversations are becoming more rare as both sides are moving further apart. After having an interesting discussion regarding Iran, which I will get to in a minute, we both agreed that we valued the friendship simply due to the fact that we actually agree to disagree. We actually listen to each other.

Regarding our conversation with Iran, he was surprised at what I had discovered regarding a possible strike. Then he exhibited Bush Derangement Syndrome. He stated "I don't mean to offend politically, but we need to get this dude out of there QUICK!" Unfortunately, he pretty much proves my point. If we as a nation are going to confront Iran before Iran has nuclear capabilities, there is precious little time to do it, as awful as that reality might be. Does anyone really think that a President Clinton, President Obama, or even President McCain would attack Iran? We have little time to take care of this growing threat.

Am I a war monger for believing this? No, I don't want my nation to be at war at all. I grew up during a time of relative peace (the first Iraq War really didn't affect people much at home), and I don't want to see anyone killed. That said, I see a real threat to our country. I personally believe that if we don't confront this threat now, on our terms, the cost will be that much greater when we are forced to deal with it in the future. I don't see how we have the choice to ignore it. Islamofascists have called for our destruction; just watch "Fitna." It is foolish to think that they don't really mean it just as it was foolish to not believe that Hitler meant what he said in Mein Kampf.

While I believe that war with Iran is necessary and inevitable, it truly frightens me. Will it truly turn into World War III? How many soldiers will die? Will there be new terrorist attacks in the U.S.? All of those questions are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Below are a few additional pieces that I believe lend credence to earlier conclusions stating that war with Iran is imminent. I'll leave it for all of you to put together the pieces.


A Blog For All: Hamas Terrorists Storm Border For Fifth Time This Week

Who's Behind the Proxy Wars by Pat Buchanan on Creators.com - A Syndicate Of Talent

FOXNews.com - Al-Sadr Threatens Uprising in Iraq if Crackdown Continues

FOXNews.com - Israelis Celebrate Start of Passover Amid Higher Security

FOXNews.com - South Korean President Meets Bush, Urges 'Persistent Patience' on North Korean Nuke Program

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Friday, April 18, 2008

More News on Impending Showdown with Iran

Radar Site picked up on what could be War with Iran. An interesting Fox News article comes along just as whispers of war are getting louder. The last link sent chills down my spine. It is a piece of fiction written about the first day of a War with Iran. I will cover my thoughts and feelings on the entire subject, which are very complex, in another post.

RADARSITE: Day of Reckoning?

FOXNews.com - Bush, British PM Pledge Tough Stance on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Day One - The War With Iran


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Are We About to Open Another Front in Iran?

When I came across Joshua's article yesterday, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. We should have taken care of Iran a long time ago, but there just wasn't the political will to do so. I begin to wonder if it isn't already too late. In addition, I worry about how the next President will deal with a War with Iran. McCain is certainly the only one with enough true experience to deal with a war on three fronts.

What concerns me most is how a War with Iran would affect the U.S. as a whole. Would we finally be forced to take certain measures and acknowledge that we are truly at war? Would we finally begin to see mobilization at home (on a lesser scale of that which took place during World War II)? One could only hope. I'm afraid that a War with Iran would fail to unite us here at home. Even though I can't imagine it, I believe it would further drive a wedge between Left and Right. I always wanted to live during an interesting time period; it looks as though my wish was granted in spades.

Joshua's article
does a wonderful job of citing evidence of possible military action against Iran. The post below it summarized Joshua's post; however, there are even more pieces of evidence cited in the comments. More than anything, I added the second article for its comments. I will be watching this situation closely.

J O S H U A P U N D I T: Iran: Is A Strike Imminent?
Pat Dollard | Young Americans | Blog Archive » Is A Strike Upon Iran Imminent?


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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Living Under a Rock

There have been several mind-boggling articles written on the subject of women and feminism this past week. I've been meaning to write about them, but most have not even warranted comment. They are stuck in the 1960s. Sometimes I truly wonder what world some of these people live in. It is very different from mine.

The article below dissects one of the most appalling pieces. The author of the original piece, not the author of the article below, dared to compare the "plight" of Western women today to the true oppression faced by women in the Muslim world. It is truly disgusting. While we do nothing about the real oppression, so-called activists fight for largely imagined grievances. Yes, we have our issues here. That fact doesn't excuse us from fighting the real oppression in the Muslim world though. While we sit here in freedom, there are millions of women who live in fear of death, disfigurement, rape, etc. I will call myself a feminist when they start addressing the real issues.

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Are Privileged Western Women Being Crushed into Silence?


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No Wonder There Are Few Openly Conservative Professors In Academia

I can't believe the gull. I had to read it to believe it. At one time, I had aspirations to continue my education and become a professor. Now I ask myself if I'd ever fit in. I don't believe that I would. I'm not one to keep quiet when it comes to politics. Not at all. Why should I waste thousands upon thousands of dollars to be told that what I believe and what I believe in are completely wrong? I can't stand it when liberals act as though all conservatives are uneducated hicks. The same thing goes for people who happen to live in small towns; many liberals, like Obama, like to portray us as hicks who are out of touch with reality. Many academics (but not all) and elitists like Obama are the ones who have lost touch with reality. "Bitter" proves it.

FrontPage Magazine


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Breath of the Beast

I came across the website below quite some time ago, and the author contacted me. He enjoyed a post I wrote about multiculturalism. He suggested that I write my own story of when I first felt the breath of the beast. I plan to do so, but not quite yet.

Currently, I'm having a hard time figuring out just when I first was aware of just how great the threat of Islamofascism is to my way of life, to the United States, and in general, to Western ideology. There were several experiences I had while an undergraduate student studying in Spain for a semester that tipped me off. The experiences hinted at the growing anti-Semitism in Europe, as well as the general Islamic disdain of anything non-Muslim (particularly American women).

In addition, while the liberal bias at Michigan State University wasn't quite as bad as it is now at some other institutions, it still made a conservative student think twice about what he or she had to say. That, too, is a sign of the breath of the beast. The success of Islamofascism depends on self-censorship, as well as a double standard for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

I will be writing much more about the Breath of the Beast in the days to come. It is too important of a topic. People need to fully understand what we are up against as a nation.

Breath of the Beast


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Michy Update - Home from the Hospital

Michy is now home from the hospital. You can read about her hospital stay here. I wish her a speedy recovery.

Myspace.com Blogs - First Night Home - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog


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Rape and College Sex

This article and the article that it dissects brings up an incredibly complicated topic. When does drunken sexual mistakes become rape? Let's face it: most of these occurrences take place during the college years. There is entirely too much drinking going on, and there is a lot of peer pressure to have sex.

So where is the line between rape and a sexual mistake drawn? Personally, I don't have the answer. There are a couple of points that need to be made though.

1. No matter how you look at the whole issue, the entire system is stacked against men. What happens when a man feels sexually used and abused? I have a feeling that there are quite a few men out there who are afraid that rape charges will be made against them if they come forward. There are two sides to every story.

2. There is entirely too much pressure on young men and women to have sex and to drink in college. It is pretty much expected of everyone, and it takes a strong person to make those decisions for him or herself. There needs to be more room for individual decision-making. As much as everyone claims that college is all about independence, the peer pressure to conform can easily overwhelm people not accustomed to making decisions on their own.

3. Personal responsibility is not stressed nearly enough. All too often the wrong people are punished and the worst users and abusers are running around free. We need to get back to a deep sense of personal responsibility in our culture, but currently, it is almost non-existent. Personally responsibility would go a long way to prevent the drunken sexual mistakes made in college.

The three issues mentioned above may seem obvious to some, but no one seems to be doing anything to rectify the situation. I dare say that it is getting worse each and every day.

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Common Sense and Double Standards in ‘Campus Rape Myth’


PS - I may share a personal story on this topic later.

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Is Being Conservative An Illness, a Mental Defect?

Pajamas Media is always entertaining, but I could identify a little too closely with the article below. I can't count how many times I've been simply told that my point-of-view is wrong due to the fact that it was conservative, especially while I was in college. I may not face the day-to-day critique I did in college, but I still remember it well. Donkeys need to remember that Elephants have long memories (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Even though I'm just having a little fun with this post, I'm seriously beginning to wonder how long it will be before being conservative is labeled a mental defect, especially in light of what is taking place in Canada and Europe.

I’m tired of being called irrational



Turner Syndrome and Abortion

I came across this blog the other evening, and I couldn't believe my luck! Here was a conservative male blogger discussing Turner Syndrome. Not only was he discussing Turner Syndrome, he discussed some of the reasons why any discussion of Turner Syndrome and abortion together makes me sick. Yes, there are people out there who would consider it best to abort a fetus diagnosed prenatally with Turner Syndrome. This is exactly why more accurate information on Turner Syndrome, and other genetic disorders like it, needs to be common knowledge. I've met quite a few girls and women with Turner Syndrome in my life, and I have yet to met one who didn't have something wonderful to offer the world. You can bet that I'll be keeping up with this blog.

The Other McCain: 'The dignity of living'


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Attempted Censorship Comes to Associated Content

In case you think that censorship can only be found in Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., read the articles below. Conservative thought, actually anything other than supposed "mainstream" thought, is being attacked on a website called Associated Content. Those that know me know that I write for this website. I've had my share of attacks over the years too. Once again, it just angers me that no honest discussion can take place. I sympathize more than the author could ever know.

Why I Hate America by Anonymous - Associated Content

Attack of the Shadow People! - Associated Content


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Turner Syndrome and Sex

Before I get started, let me clarify that this post is about gender rather than sexual intercourse. I apologize if I disappointed anyone. I discovered some fascinating information regarding Turner Syndrome the other day. This may seem strange, but even though I have Turner Syndrome myself, I did not know that it is considered an intersexed condition. It came as a complete surprise.

Why did it come as a surprise? Well, you see, I'm female in every sense of the word, and so are all other girls and women with Turner Syndrome. We either have a 45 X or 45 X with part of the other X chromosome (mosiac) karyotype rather than the "normal" 46 XX female karyotype. There is no Y to be found (Y determines the sex of a baby). All patients with Turner Syndrome are female. Yes, there are conditions similar to Turner Syndrome that affect males, but there is always at least a partial Y chromosome involved. That is why the label "intersexed" confuses me when it comes to Turner Syndrome.

It might not mean much, but when you are a teenager dealing with Turner Syndrome (and I plan on discussing this particular topic much more in the days and weeks to come), you already question whether or not you are a "real" woman due to the fact that most women with Turner Syndrome are infertile. My experience growing up with Turner Syndrome and my understanding of the perceived gender issues that it entails lends me to question why it is labeled as "intersexed" at all. Intellectually, I understand that any variation of the 46 XX or the 46 XY norm is labeled as "intersexed," but as a woman who has lived with an "intersexed" condition, I question why the medical community has to split hairs in this case. I find it unsettling.

The article below is thought-provoking. In my post I didn't even address how the intersex movement is being co-opted by the transgendered movement. Quite frankly, I don't need to right now. The author of the article below, who has an intersexed condition herself, does it well.

Trans and intersex - a forced marriage of inconvenience? « you know that I’ve been drunk a thousand times


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No Free Speech in France Either

I don't know why I found this particular piece surprising, but I did. I might not agree with Ms. Bardot on much, but I do love the fact that she is fighting for Freedom of Speech. Can you imagine if millions of Europeans did the same? Sometimes I wonder if Europe is too far gone.

Brigitte Bardot on trial for Muslim slur | U.S. | Reuters


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The True Meaning of Religious Freedom

The other day I wrote a post called "The Sensitive In-Law Post - Religion," and this morning, I received a thought-provoking comment on it from Aurora at The Midnight Sun. She commented on what a religiously diverse family I have. Quite frankly, it never really crossed my mind, and she doesn't even know that my religious ancestry is even more diverse.

The point is that Aurora, who lives in Australia, felt that it was unusual enough to make the observation. The thing is that my family is far from unusual in the United States. I'll give you an example. The small town I grew up in is predominately Catholic and my family is United Methodist. That said, our neighbors (who still live next door to my parents) are Roman Catholic. They are essentially extended family to this day. As Joyce (one the neighbors mentioned above) was our babysitter, we (my siblings and I) grew to love her and her husband Carl as adopted Grandparents (they are substantially older than our parents).

When I was a child, given that I'm the oldest child and my parents married quite young (my Mom was 21 and my Dad was 24 when they married in 1977; I was born in 1980), they still enjoyed a social life (whatever that means in a small town) on Saturday evenings. There was one issue. Joyce, the trusted babysitter, and her husband attended Mass with their two children most Saturday evenings. The solution was simple; Joyce simply asked my parents if they minded if my sister and I (my brother came along much later) went to Mass with them. My parents didn't care, and quite frankly, I learned a lot about the Catholic Church as a result. My Grandma found it quite amusing as many of her Catholic friends would comment on seeing her small Granddaughters in Mass on Saturday evenings. I'm bias, but I can't help but note that her friends mentioned how well-behaved and cute my sister and I were (just look at my profile picture; ha ha!).

The result was that I spent just as much time attending Catholic Mass as I did attending our United Methodist Church. As I was an intellectually curious child who loved watching the news, I couldn't help but here about issues between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Even at a young age, it hit home. How could there be any rift between our beloved neighbors, many of my classmates, and my family over religion? I didn't get it. Our Church and the Roman Catholic Church used to hold joint Bible Camp for kids during the summer. None of this would have ever happened in Ireland. Not only did it happen in a small town in Michigan, no one questioned any of this or found it strange. It would have seemed strange to question the connections between various Churches in such a small town, whether the Churches were Protestant, Catholic, or even non-denominational.

None of this even mentions the fact that I have several cousins (first, second, and third) who were and are Catholics as well. In fact, my Dad's maternal Grandparents were Eastern Orthodox Catholics from the Ukraine. Somewhere along the line, some of their children became Roman Catholics as a result of marriage, etc. My paternal Grandmother grew up Catholic, married my Grandpa Russell, who was the son of members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (I just found this out), and later became Protestant without ties to one specific denomination. Personally. I find her religious history fascinating. She is one who taught me my prayers as a child, and she has the strongest belief in God of just about anyone I've ever met. I believe that she is largely the reason why my family puts preference on belief in God rather than organized religion.

So what point am I trying to make? My point is this: Where else on Earth could all of this taken place out in the open, without fear of reprisal, retribution, or fear of being disowned by family? It is an uniquely American idea that religion is an intensely personal issue. I know many people who stress the fact that they want their children to come to conclusions on religion on their own. My parents, my Mom specifically, viewed things differently. It wasn't that they wanted their children indoctrinated into a specific organized religion, they simply wanted their children to have some idea of what organized religion offered. It was important to my Mom that her children had some religious education. My sister, my brother, and I were all confirmed in the United Methodist Church.

I know for a fact that it wasn't necessarily important to my Mom that we were Methodist, or even Protestant. I think that she had the idea that she wanted her children to be able to make up their own minds regarding organized religion when we were older. I thank her for that. Thanks to my parents' openness, I learned religious tolerance at a very young age. That said, she recently told me that she found it interesting that her daughters (again, my brother is still very young, 16) are choosing to spend their lives with men who don't have much use for organized religion either. It is interesting. We are following our parents' example, for better or worse.

When and/or if Brian and I have children someday, I want them to have religious education in both Catholicism and the United Methodist Church. If nothing else, I want them to understand their religious heritage. That said, I want them to use that understanding to better understand religious freedom, respect other religions, and better understand religious influence across the world.

The one notable exception to all of this is Islam. It saddens me to come to come to this conclusion, but I don't see how Islam can coexist with the Jewish faith and Christianity. For all of the rhetoric of "moderate" Muslims, there is nothing in the Koran that calls for peace and understanding among people of all religions. Some may say that there are violent parts of the Bible too. That is true. However, from my standpoint, and the standpoint of millions of people, there is one big difference: whereas in the Koran there is only death and violence (it specifically calls for the destruction of non-Muslims), the Bible offers hope, peace, and redemption.


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Michy Hospitalized - UPDATE 1

The latest two updates on Michy are included below. You'll find the original post further down. It looks as though Michy will be in the hospital for quite some time.


Myspace.com Blogs - Michy @ the Hospital - Day Three - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

Myspace.com Blogs - Michy @ the Hospital - Day Four - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

There has been a lot going on in my life recently. The father of a family friend passed away (I didn't really know him, but I knew one of his daughters and her family well), I found out that two teachers from my childhood have cancer (one is terminal), and the son-in-law of dear family friends (my parent's neighbors, who are essentially like adopted grandparents to me) passed away too. Then, last night a couple of things happened. First, I found out that a house down the street was robbed close to a week ago. Not only that, but some neighbors saw four men trying to break into another house last night. It was a little disconcerting to say the least (our neighborhood is normally very quiet). After making sure that all the doors were locked (twice) and making myself something to eat (I couldn't sleep), I learned that one of my oldest and dearest online friends is in the hospital.

She is a wonderful writer and has inspired me more than she'll ever know. You can read all of what I've written about Michy here. She is doing well enough (at least at this point) to write from her hospital room. She's already blogged her first two days. I will be adding to this post as she continues to write about her ordeal. I encourage everyone to read her writing. It is funny, pertinent, witty, and informative. She is the most prolific writer I know.

Myspace.com Blogs - Michy @ the Hospital - Day One - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

Myspace.com Blogs - Michy @ the Hospital - Day Two - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Sensitive In-Law Post - Religion

I just want to reiterate what I stated in my previous post on In-Laws and Politics:

Before I go any further, I just want to say that this is written in good humor. If anyone mentioned here happens to come across this post, I mean no harm. I simply want to share some very personal experiences of mine.

Now that that is out of the way, I can give a little background. As I stated many times here, my little sister is getting married this fall to a wonderful young man named Justin who is a cop with Kalamazoo Public Safety. I was there when they started dating (prior to that, they had been friends for a couple of years), and I couldn't ask for a better future brother-in-law. That alone speaks volumes for his parents.

Last fall, Erica and Justin purchased a home. As my Grandma was no longer interested in having Thanksgiving, my Mom entertains for Christmas, and Brian and I don't own a home yet, Erica and Justin had Thanksgiving at their new home. It was then that I met his parents.

While Justin grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he isn't a typical Yooper. For those who don't know, Yooper is a Michigan term for those residing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula who exhibit certain characteristics. Yoopers tend to be of Scandinavian ancestry (especially Finnish), easily identify with Canadians, etc. Essentially, to be a Yooper is to be a caricature of residents of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with Finnish ancestry. It just doesn't apply to Justin.

Justin grew up near the Michigan and Wisconsin border. Northern Wisconsin tends to be very different from extreme Northern Michigan. In fact, Justin's Mom makes a point of mentioning that she teaches school in Wisconsin, not Michigan. Justin's Dad is an easy-going retired cop. Justin's Mom is Jewish, and Justin's Dad is Christian. That is where the real debate comes in.

While I would describe Justin's Mom as Jewish, I wouldn't describe Justin as Jewish (even though my sister does, but that is another story). His Mom, even though she tried to introduce him to aspects of her Jewish faith as a child, never really made it a point for Justin to be raised Jewish per se. However, that is changing as he and my sister are getting married, setting up a home, etc. It appears as though she's trying to put up a good front for her family as the wedding approaches.

For example, she has tried to give certain Jewish gifts to Justin and my sister. My sister is handling it with good grace; it is Justin and his Dad that get upset. As Justin said, "she hasn't pulled this on me since I was seven years old." Again, realize that I'm getting this information from my sister and Justin. According to Justin and his Dad, her desire for Justin and Erica to appear Jewish doesn't come from any particular religious belief, it comes from wanting to look good in front of her family (the wedding will be held near Erica and Justin's home). Erica and Justin both stated that they would be more open if it came from true religious or spiritual belief.

One of the biggest points of contention is the actual wedding ceremony. Erica and Justin will be married by one of Justin's cousins, who is a Methodist minister. Justin's Mom reportedly asked that no mention of Jesus be made in the ceremony. Justin and Erica are both in agreement that they want Jesus to be mentioned in the ceremony. In fact, from the conversations I had with Erica and Justin, they now want to ensure that Jesus is mentioned prominently in the ceremony. In fact, it was this debate that gave me the idea to write this series of posts. A post on Michelle Malkin's blog brought the debate to mind. You can read it here. While you'd have to know Justin's Mom to fully understand the situation, Erica and Justin's reasoning goes something like this:

If you have such issues with the mention of Christianity, why did you marry a Christian in the first place? They are our wedding vows; why do you feel that you should have this say? If you were so eager to pass along your Jewish faith to Justin, why didn't you insist when he was a child? If these requests are coming from a place of true religious and spiritual conviction, why does it appear as though you are simply trying to appease your family?

In my opinion, they have some very valid questions. I can also see why Justin's Mom would want her heritage acknowledged too though. Quite frankly, it appears as though it certainly would have been if it didn't seem so insincere. Justin's parents are wonderful people, but I can see where this issue would get tiresome for Erica and Justin.

As an outsider to the situation, the whole thing makes me want to elope. Brian is Catholic and I'm Protestant. We plan on getting married in the Catholic Church, even though my Grandma insists that it wouldn't be possible. I have a feeling that my Grandma is mistaken, but I have no plans to convert to Catholicism. I don't expect Brian to "convert" either. In fact, we have incredibly similar religious beliefs (Erica, Justin, Brian, and I all do, despite the varied religious backgrounds, so it would appear). Neither of us have much faith in organized religion. The story above is the exact reason why! Then again, St. Stans Church is beautiful. Brian's family helped found the church when they immigrated from Poland. The family history, on Brian's part, associated with St. Stans is a main reason why I'd like to get married there. We'll see what happens.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus indeed.


PS - I was pleasantly surprised to see that many people believe, as Brian and I do, that having faith and going to Church or Mass every Sunday are two very different things. You can read more about it here.

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The Sensitive In-Law Post - Politics

Most readers know that my little sister is getting married this fall. In addition, Brian and I have been in a serious relationship for over four years now (yes, we eventually do plan to get married). Of course, this all means that my sister and I have had to deal with the inevitable prospective in-law issues. Some of the issues are quite funny while others hint at larger issues in society. It has never been easy to combine families and adjust to the family dynamics of a significant other. In some instances, my sister and I are finding out that we come from quite an extraordinary family in the sense that our parents allowed us much more freedom than many of the parents of our peers. We certainly do not have helicopter parents.

Before I go any further, I just want to say that this is written in good humor. If anyone mentioned here happens to come across this post, I mean no harm. I simply want to share some very personal experiences of mine.

Where do I start? Well, Brian's parents are great. I truly enjoy their company. As Brian and I live approximately a mile from their house, we have dinner at their house a few times a week, every week. For the most part, this allows us to catch up with Brian's brother Todd and Todd's girlfriend Rachel (Todd is a commuting college student living at home). While we don't discuss politics much with Rachel (she's not that interested and only 16), the rest of us get into the middle of it. Here is where the confusion comes in.

In Michigan, as in many union states, there is a general bias towards Democrats that truly is out of touch with the reality of today's Democratic Party. For the sake of argument, I will call this group Blue Collar Democrats. The average Blue Collar Democrat owns his or her own home, has two or three children, works a union job, tends to be Catholic (and is still married, or annulled the first marriage and remarried), and is more or less socially conservative. They tend to support the Democratic Party not out of a blind loyalty to unions, but due to a deep sense of tradition. From my perspective, some Blue Collar Democrats appear to believe that it is almost un-American not to support the Democratic Party (again, this certainly doesn't reflect the current Democratic Party which is turning anti-American).

I grew up in a small town that was predominantly populated by Blue Collar Democrats. The irony here is that for all intents and purposes, Brian's family (especially his Dad) fits the profile of Blue Collar Democrats perfectly. In fact, my parents pretty much assumed that his parents were Democrats, despite the fact that Brian and his brother are very conservative. Well, when you actually talk politics with Brian and Todd's parents, you find a general disdain for politicians in general (which is certainly to be expected). In addition, they tend to be conservative on most issues, and while they might occasionally support a Democrat, it is the exception, not the norm.

As a result of Brian's parents not following the Blue Collar Democrat script, I've found myself having some very interesting political conversations with my own family. No matter how you look at it, after getting past the stereotypes, it is easy to see how Brian and Todd formed their political views. I don't always agree, but I find myself agreeing more often than not.

This entire experience helps illustrate something I had a hard time understanding as a child. Growing up, I often heard my Mom lament that many Blue Collar Democrats didn't fully understand just how much they think like conservatives. I now understand. Why should Blue Collar Democrats vote for a party that is working against families, against religion, and against just about everything most Blue Collar Democrats hold dear? I didn't even mention the growing anti-Americanism and self-loathing taking over the Democratic Party (case in point, Obama, who last week alienated the very people he needs to win the nomination and election with elitist comments). I'm just glad that Brian's parents get it. My Grandma doesn't, but then again, she doesn't vote.

I'll cover religion in the next post.


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The Legacy of the 60s is Still Very Much With Us

Pajamas Media » Blog Archive » Viewing the 1960s From My 60s

This particular piece written by Burt Prelutsky alludes to some of the major hypocrisies of the Baby Boomer generation. While I personally feel that Mr. Prelutsky comes across as a bit bitter in this particular article, he brings up some very valid points. I especially enjoyed his discussion of how subsequent generations have used "Free Speech" as a way to silence the opposition. That is exactly what is happening across the world today.

One of the biggest revelations for me came from one of the comments attached to the piece:

As a teen in the 70s, I could never get my head around the concept of conforming to non-conformity. The self-indulgent behavior of those around me seemed immature and ultimately self destructive. I saw a lot of young people from the neighborhood wrecking their lives with sex and drugs and alcohol; some of whom ended up on or welfare or Disability Insurance, or in jail; a few who died prematurely.

The negative repercussions of the irresponsible embrace of immaturity reverberate to this day in many poor communities. Would some of the people I knew have destroyed their lives anyway had the 60s never happened? Undoubtedly so. But the unfortunate legacy of the 60s was to make self destruction look cool, acceptable and desirable, and thus an easier choice for them to make.

If I had changed "70s" to "90s," I certainly could have written that comment (minus the issues with punctuation and sentence structure). I never could grasp the concept of conforming to non-conformity either. It became especially glaring while I was in college during the earlier part of this decade. I could never understand why people ascribing to multiculturalism, free speech, and the like never wanted to hear the other side of real issues. I understand now that it is a means to hang on to power. I still can't quite get over the sheer hypocrisy though. Now I know why Idol Gives back bothered me though. More on that here. It all leads back to hypocrisy. In most cases, I can't stand Hollywood simply due to the arrogance, hypocrisy, and moral relativism present in that particular fishbowl.


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If I Had $1,000,000 - BNL Flashback

small dead animals: Y2Kyoto: If I Had Some Global Warming

I just wanted to give kudos to Kate at Small Dead Animals. She's the reason I came across the priceless video I posted earlier. I watched it a couple of times; it was that funny. For your viewing and listening pleasure, I've included the Barenaked Ladies If I Had a Million Dollars video and lyrics below. They've always been a favorite of mine. Thanks Emily!

If I Had $1,000,000...

Words and Music by Steven Page & Ed Robertson

If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a house (I would buy you a house)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you furniture for your house
(Maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a K-Car (a nice Reliant automobile)
If I Had $1000000 I'd buy your love.

If I Had $1000000 I'd build a tree fort in our yard.
If I Had $1000000 You could help, it wouldn't be that hard.
If I Had $1000000 Maybe we could put a refrigerator in there.
[Wouldn't that be fabulous]

If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a fur coat (but not a real fur coat that's cruel)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you an exotic pet (Like a llama or an emu)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you John Merrick's remains (All them crazy elephant bones)
If I Had $1000000 I'd buy your love

If I Had $1000000 We wouldn't have to walk to the store
If I Had $1000000 We'd take a limousine 'cause it costs more
If I Had $1000000 We wouldn't have to eat Kraft Dinner.
(But we would!)

If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a green dress (but not a real green dress, that's cruel)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you some art (a Picasso or a Garfunkel)
If I Had $1000000 (If I Had $1000000)
I'd buy you a monkey (haven't you always wanted a monkey?!)
If I Had $1000000 I'd buy your love

If I Had $1000000, If I Had $1000000
If I Had $1000000, If I Had $1000000
I'd be rich.

[If I Had $1000000 Lyrics on http://www.lyricsmania.com/]

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If We Had Some Global Warming... I'd Be HOT

You've got to love Minnesotans. They are just slightly heartier than many Michiganders. This video is a must-see, especially in light of the winter we've had. It still isn't warming very quickly.

Too bad this idea wouldn't fly in Liberal Michigan... Ah well. Enjoy. If I Had a Million Dollars is one of my favorite Barenaked Ladies songs... Gotta love those Canadians.


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Candidate for the Darwin Award

For those unfamiliar with the Darwin Awards, it is a tongue and cheek award bestowed on people (in most cases, posthumously) who remove themselves from the gene pool as a result of death or inadvertent sterilization due to extremely poor judgment. You can get the gist of the awards here.

The woman described below is certainly a candidate. I can't even imagine the thought process that led to this decision.

S. Weasel


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All Too True - Liberal Bias in the Media

The credit for this great cartoon goes to RedPlanet. I originally found it on Anchoress Online. What really angers me is that it is turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy. It already happened in Michigan. There is no reason why it can't happen across the country. Would you want to hire if you owned a business and kept hearing how awful the economy is? If people are unemployed, how are they going to support businesses? It is a dangerous spiral. I've witnessed it first-hand.


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Michy Hospitalized

There has been a lot going on in my life recently. The father of a family friend passed away (I didn't really know him, but I knew one of his daughters and her family well), I found out that two teachers from my childhood have cancer (one is terminal), and the son-in-law of dear family friends (my parent's neighbors, who are essentially like adopted grandparents to me) passed away too. Then, last night a couple of things happened. First, I found out that a house down the street was robbed close to a week ago. Not only that, but some neighbors saw four men trying to break into another house last night. It was a little disconcerting to say the least (our neighborhood is normally very quiet). After making sure that all the doors were locked (twice) and making myself something to eat (I couldn't sleep), I learned that one of my oldest and dearest online friends is in the hospital.

She is a wonderful writer and has inspired me more than she'll ever know. You can read all of what I've written about Michy here. She is doing well enough (at least at this point) to write from her hospital room. She's already blogged her first two days. I will be adding to this post as she continues to write about her ordeal. I encourage everyone to read her writing. It is funny, pertinent, witty, and informative. She is the most prolific writer I know.

Myspace.com Blogs - Michy @ the Hospital - Day One - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog

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Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Proud to Be A Small Town Girl You Arrogant ....

This just made me absolutely furious. If Obama gets anywhere near the Office of the President of the United States of America, he will in no way, shape, or form represent me. I grew up in the smallest city in Michigan (literally) and still live in a relatively small town. I like it that way. I've spent my entire life defending small towns, my politics, etc., and I can't believe that this arrogant, racist (sorry, but anyone who supported the church of Wright for 20 years or more IS racist), elitist, intellectually and morally bankrupt fool is a contender for the most powerful position in the world. How can you look down on most of America with this much contempt? I'm livid. Ab.so.lute.ly livid. You can bet that I will be blogging MUCH more on Obama (once I calm down, of course).

Oh, and did I mention ignorant? He is completely ignorant of small town America. He doesn't even remotely know how to relate to most people. This is the exact reasons why I could never live in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Houston (11 months was MORE than enough). It amazes me how many ignorant elitists there are in the world. It is no wonder most of the country is referred to as "fly-over country." This truly makes me want to throw-up.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance: You forgot to mention clinging to family also, you total fool
Obama Draws Fire for Comments on Small-Town America - America’s Election HQ


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Those Who Forget History Are Doomed to Repeat It

Is this the reason why so much history is re-written today? Is it as simple as people have simply forgotten the lessons of World War II and World War I? Maybe it is time of for a global history lesson. We are certainly going down a slippery slope with regards to anti-Semitism. You can read more here. I will be doing a piece on anti-Semitism and what I experienced in Spain in 2002 soon.

The Great Forgetting - New York Times


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University of Michigan Gets What It Deserves

I can't believe that David Horowitz was actually allowed to speak on one of the most Liberal college campuses in the country. It is astounding really. I really hope that he got the message out. It is too important. Sadly, it sounds as though he had less than 100 people in the audience. Read more below. This is a small victory for Freedom of Speech. At least the University of Michigan let him speak. There is no denying that anti-Semitism is on the rise, especially in Europe. Read more here.

FrontPage Magazine: Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week Comes to the University of Michigan


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I just spent some time this evening redoing my Google homepage. This is now known as iGoogle (for those not in the know). I added a page for all of the blogs I monitor daily. I can now take one look at my iGoogle page and see which posts I want to read on my favorite blogs. There is nothing groundbreaking there, but it is nice (thanks to RSS technology). I just never realized how easy RSS is to use in conjunction with Google. No need for the little "add to Google" button anymore (it is still helpful though).

In other words, if you are looking for a convenient online desktop to suit all of your needs (and I do mean ALL of your needs), iGoogle is perfect. What you can't get through iGoogle, you can get through other Google applications (you can see them all when you look at your Google account). It is just incredibly easy. I'm a true Internet junkie.


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More Madonna Drama

I've posted quite a bit on how Bay City officials apparently have nothing better to do than worry about a decades old rift with Madonna. Quite frankly, who cares? We are amongst the most economically depressed cities in the most economically depressed state in the country, yet this is what the mayor is doing. How stupid. It is time to move on. Madonna is completely irrelevant today. How about working to attract SOMETHING here? Maybe businesses and jobs? No, that would be too much to ask.

Desperately Seeking Madonna: Bay City's message heard around world - Bay City Times - MLive.com


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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long Black Train by Josh Turner

This is one of my absolute favorite songs. It has a powerful message. Enjoy the video too.


There's a long black train,

Coming down the line,
Feeding off the souls that are lost and crying,
Rails of sin, only evil remains
Watch out brother for that Long Black Train

Look to the heavens
You can look to the skies
You can find redemption
Staring back into your eyes
There is protection and there is
Peace the same, burn in your ticket for that
Long Black Train

'Cause there's victory in the Lord I say,
Victory in the lord,
Cling to the Father and his holy name,
And don't go ridin' on that Long Black Train

There's a engineer on that Long Black Train,
Makin' you wonder if the ride is worth the pain,
He's just a waitin' on your heart to say
Let me ride on that Long Black Train,

But you know there's victory in the Lord I say,
Victory in the Lord,
Cling to the Father and his holy name,
And don't go ridin' on that Long Black Train

Well I can hear the whistle from a mile away,
It sounds so good
But i must stay away
That train is a beauty in making everybody stare
But its only destination is the middle of nowhere,

But you know there's victory in the Lord I say,
Victory in the Lord,
Cling to the Father and his holy name,
And don't go ridin' on that Long Black Train

I said cling to the Father and his holy name
And don't go ridin' on that long black train
Yeah, watch out brother for that long black train
The Devil's a drivin' that long black train.

Artist: Turner, Josh
Song: Long Black Train
Album: Long Black Train

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My Baby Sister Is Getting Married

My little sister Erica is getting married in October. I'm incredibly proud of her and her husband-to-be. My future brother-in-law is a cop! How cool is that? They are doing very well, and I couldn't be happier for them.


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A Few Interesting Thoughts on Current American Society

I can't get enough of The Anchoress. I'm not Catholic, but I even enjoy her more religious posts from time to time (I grew up surrounded by Catholicism and almost feel part Catholic). For me though, her thorough reproach of the adolescent way many in American society are acting today is spot-on. If you read the comments on the post below, she better explains her position, which I find refreshing. She admits to giving the wrong impression, but then she goes out of her way to rectify the situation.

For the most part, I do agree with her. There are certain aspects of our society that are acting like spoiled adolescents. Now I'm not placing the entire blame on the "Look At Me!" boomers, but a case can be made for the situation worsening considerably during their watch. No matter how you look at it, this is a "must read" post of hers. I particularly like the illustrations.

“Teenage” America says “yeah, whatever.” | The Anchoress


PS - You can read more about what I had to say on the subject here.

UPDATE: I found several errors in this post. Sometimes my brain is faster than my fingers! They should be taken care of now.

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I Am Bossy

I came across this very snarky website thanks to my cousin. It is a great read! Enjoy.

i am bossy


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Robin Williams on American Idol Gives Back

As much as I cringed at the ultra-Liberal love-fest that was American Idol gives back, this Robin Williams piece made it worth it. By the way, I think the charities they support are wonderful. I fully support what they are doing; I am sickened when celebrities turn it into a political statement. I wish that they could just support a cause without having to play the political card and make it appear that only liberals support such causes. I digress.

Anyway, this particular piece is laugh-out-loud funny. Brian was literally on the floor laughing just due to the name of the Russian Idol (i.e. Robin Williams). I've been so serious on this blog lately, I really needed to lighten things up. I urge anyone who can to donate to Idol Gives Back.

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The Most Appalling Thing I've Ever Heard

You have to read this for yourself. That's all I'm going to say. Please let me know if the link doesn't work.

Myspace.com Blogs - Absolutely Appalling! - Michelle L Devon (Michy)™ MySpace Blog


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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

There Are No Words

It looks like two of my favorite Canadian bloggers are in real trouble. This is getting insane. How long before it hits here? I'm sick and tired of people repressing political viewpoints that they don't agree with. Anchoress is right. It is now war. If you can, please support Kate and Kathy. I am really flabbergasted that this could happen in Canada. Michelle Malkin has picked up their cause too. I hope some "Free Kate and Kathy" websites start popping up! No offense to my parents, who appear to LOVE Canada, I won't be crossing the border any time soon. I'm sorry, but I really can't get over this! It is enough to make my head explode! This is hitting way too close to home.

A bore and a war | The Anchoress

Five Feet of Fury - Kathy
Small Dead Animals - Kate

Michelle Malkin » Free speech fund-raiser: The Canadian conservative blogosphere under attack


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